Dehydrator for drying?

A question from a fellow grower:

I would like to know if I could use a Dehydrator to dry my

Not unless you want it to dry too fast and not get a good cure. It will be very harsh to smoke if dried/cured this way.



You don’t mean a dehumidifier do you? I was thinking that when I do start the drying and curing process, I would maybe use a dehumidifier set on a specific humidity setting, not for 100% dry, but whatever is called for in literature, or whatever.

I guess maybe what you were describing a food dryer like what I use for bananas chips or berries.

A dehydrator would be about the same as placing your buds in an oven. As stated above; You would get a nasty harsh green tasting herb, full of chlorophyll. :confounded:

I just this past evening had to try out a hermaphrodited bud after convection oven quick drying it, just starting to put out little yellow flowers as a female plant that always seemed too strong and quick growing but is/was female originally with lots of bud at week 9.5 of flowering, taken from a plant I have final flushed several days ago to harvest it and save as much bud on it and keep my others from getting pollenated to seed. So I wanted to quick test some of the bud to gauge effect of the bud, and it seemed to have a lower decent high, no couch locking, and of course, I am sure the stuff smoked maybe a bit more, I have no heavy experience to discerne decent bud from bad, and it almost seemed useable like store bought bud, …errrr, I mean, bud bought at a medical or recreational dispencerie like in the state of Oregon.