Dehumidifiers What Ya Got

Gonna need one for the summer. So let me know what’s been working for ya. Keeping it under 150 dollars space is a 3x5x6 tent wich will be dealing with high humidity in the summer. I do have an a.c already set up that is temp controlled 3500btu. Don’t know how a.c units relate to RH and if I can get by with a cheaper smaller unit for dehumidifier wise in the tent while using a.c. to keep my lung room at temp. Lmk thanks.

I have a larger model of this but enjoy it and its got a ton of positive ratings. Right around your price point.

TaoTronics Dehumidifier with Pump 50 Pint for 4500 Sq. Ft, Energy Star Dehumidifier for Basement with 6L Water Tank, Intelligent Humidity Control, Continuous Drainage for Living Room/Closet

Works well and has pump to push it to a drain

You need to take the humidity out of the room not the tent and pull passive air thru


I forgot to look up which dehumidifier I have…I’ll get it in a few hours. Getting a dehumidifier was probably one of my better purchases and has made my life way easier. I bought it used on OfferUp for $90…original price was ~$200 I think…that app is awesome. I bought my 10k btu AC from there as well. I keep the dehumidifier outside tent…keep outside environment where I want it and fan pulls filtered air in.

Sorry for the late response thanks all your guys input has been super insightful. I’m going to work on getting my lung room to par it’s not a huge room but I still am working on a better intake solution currently. Thanks again.