Dehumidifier selection

I put in a 4 by 4 tent a small and medium dehumidifier and cant seem to get my rh to a good level.(I keep staying around 75 to 90 percent)with them on.Maybe I need a commercial one or ditch the whole setup and just grow the room and ac it.I was trying to keep things small.It appears the bigger ones have coils like an ac?The 2 I have run heat sinks it appears.

If temp is in range id just up your fan speed. For a 4x4 id recommend the ac infinity t6 and keep in mind the dehumidifier will raise the temps in the tent. If you get an ac unit id reccommend a dual unit so you can exhaust out hot air. Here is what i use. You can also try running a seperate line from your HVAC system in the house to the tent. Where is your tent located? Garage, basement, spare room? These 2 units will take up a good amount of space tho

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Im in a spare room.I do have ac plumbed into the tent and a pair of ac infinity fans.I just am struggling because of our weather here.South florida is cruel with it and the pests.Im in flower now and dont want to ruin everything.Going to try a dehumidifier for a 3000 square foot house.The one I have isnt able to change it fast enough.Right now all the windows are opened but humidity stays around 75 to 95 rh is normal for us.