Dehumidifier questions

Over night humidity gets to 52% that is with 4inch pulling air to attic and box fan blowing air in from lower flap now I’m in flower so complete darkness is name of the game haha humidity drops to about 31% when lights come on should I add dehumidifier to run when light is off and tent sealed

50% a little high for flower

I like to flower 30-35 (no higher than 40)

Nice-looking plant!

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That’s my school of thought as well guess dehumidifier is coming to the grow will it work with 4 inch fan pulling air to attic

Took an hour but
Humidity is 36
Temp is 76

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@Brian go on Anazon and look up small camper dehumidifier , and that should do the trick or you can run 2 of them , I’ll upload a picture , but you can hang one over the plant and one on the floor to control your humidity in dark hours . I’ll take a photo of my unit I used that works perfect for my lil tent .

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2 of these should work perfectly , I used only one . It has and outlet plug on it to recharge the system , but once the beads turn pink means it’s full of moisture , so you plug in wall outlet until beads turn blue and it’s ready for use again , so if you have 2 , you can rotate them while one is recharging and one working in the tent .

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@Brian091180 I’m need you to teach me how to get a big as scrog like that one day my brother , I’m super jealous .

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To balance humidity I use a humidifier in one corner and a dehumidifier in the other… :laughing:

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I learned it from you your advice has really really paid off and to think when I started that grow I didn’t have a tent or the HPS or centrifugal fan hell I didn’t even check Ph till two weeks ago still don’t know PPM all I did was ask you questions and watch my plant so next buy is tds meter and 6 or 8 inch centrifugal fan need bigger one to pull air to attic will use 4 inch as intake

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Still seeing upward growth and great development all over even lower buds looks great my guess is maybe 40 days or less


Man she looks good , just keep it consistent and you gone be a happy guy In about 6 more weeks . I can see the tallest bud colas is gone be the size of a spray paint can , which will be heavy bud colas , and lots of nice nugget buds , super sticky and densed .

In a 3x3 tent my temp is almost 85 with AC at 72 so would air cooled hood help this is because im freezing my wife to death at 69 tent temp is 73 then AC cycles off it go`s up to 79 then back to 73 help needed could air cooled hood make up that 8 to 10 degrees in that small of space

Yeah or cool tube either one will work great . But you will need to move lots of stale hot air , which I say a 6 inch and a 4 inch to put cooler fresh air back in the tent and set you A/C on about 73-74 degrees and you should be fine .

Okay right now I’ve got a 4 inch centrifugal pulling air out into attic so can I use 4 inch to air cooled hood and use room air for intake for hood then get six inch pushing air in room air as of now tent is open till light go`s off over night gets down to 62 humidity up 50 I know ill need a dehumidifier so I’m getting it Thursday as well as air cool hood so if I keep tent open I can make it till next payday for 6 inch centrifugal

With summer coming to California I feel I need to get this right fast lol

Can my four inch pull enough air over the light

Yes @Brian091180 the only way to honestly know is to try it and see , but since you scrubbing through a carbon filter and pulling that air threw the hood or cool tube , you would need to move at 390 cubic feet a minute minimum , and you will need to bring in at least 190 - 260 cubic feet per minute to stabilize the text . Now for as light getting the tent during dark hours from the zipper , you can just cover the zipper with duck tape for when lights go off to maintain solid darkness , but I say try hooking up your Cool tube or hood to the 4 inch and see what happens , than switch it around and try the opposite with the 6 inch , and those Eva dry dehumidifier is like $35 bucks on Amazon , they work great for my camper trailer also to keep down humidity in winter months to prevent mold . But once you get the humidity controlled in dark hours , man she gone stack up the resin and buds big time . So do what you can until you get all your accessories and figure out how to regulate everything , and your next grow should double this grow final yield , and I hope you been keeping a log or a written diary of your experiences and all what you’ve done from beginning to end on this grow , that way you can make adjustments , try other techniques and learn to max out your plants in your space so you can kind of tally a full grow and harvest . So if you get 14 ounces per grow , than you would know what to expect each grow .

I’ve been keeping everything written down with daily photos

I still used my notes , Roberts Lab , the grow bible and (site) in every grow , and the last to attempts I didn’t , I try to start the hydro and the main line grow with using my notes and you seen the 2 rookie mistakes I’ve made and cost me two great genetic seeds , and my last auto Amnesia Haze seed which was my life saver seed cause they finish in exactly 56 days (8weeks) In case my stash was getting low in between grows , sucks but that’s why it’s important you don’t cut corners , are try to guess of what to do , always refers back to the beginning of notes to not make costly simple mistakes .

So if I may ask on subject of autos is it worth it my family member does auto two oz. A plant with autos he’s In a state that isn’t MJ friendly and I compare my experience with my only grow with what he is doing with autos I’d like to get some good seeds just don’t know which would be good place to start I’m definitely getting some of Roberts