Dehumidifier question

Just got seedlings in the tent a couple days ago, I’m in the south and it’s already humid. Inside house it’s about 60%RH, inside tent is 75% RH. I just set up a dehumidifier in the room outside the tent, due to size.
Should it be placed inside the tent?
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That all depends on the size of your space. It helps to run it near your intake vent too

That RH is fine for seedlings.

Where to put it is going to be a matter of what you’re looking for versus the capacity of the unit.

@Countryboyjvd1971 John, any thoughts?

I actually think placing out side and allowing dey airbto be pulles into tent is best
@Myfriendis410 is on point thise numbers are ok for now tho


What kind of air circulation system are you using Air in air out that will bring rh down as well.

Thanks for the info y’all. @Rexx I don’t have a air circulation yet.
I have the dehumidifier sitting close to the tent with top vent open and one lower vent open to create a draft. RH down to 61% now, inside tent.

@ReMoLu we had a ton of folks loose much of their harvests last year to mold and bud rot.

I’d recommend you get some clip on fans and a system for ventilation. I dont know what size your tent is, so these are just so you can see what we are talking about

clip on fan

6 inch fan


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@bob31, I hope and plan NOT to fall to these things. I will have some ventilation soon

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heavy humidity and no way to move the air in the tent is a recipe for disaster! Glad to hear you’re on it.

I use three clip on type fans in my 3x3 tent. Just so you have an idea.


In a pinch you can use a clip on or desktop 6" fan in top exhaust sock to draw off heat and humidity. I put a pic of my tenet to give you an idea look in upper right corner


Got my fan equipment ordered, and 3 of 5 broke ground overnight

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Excellent! @ReMoLu

@ReMoLu how ate things going
Just to inform you bob31 has leftbthe forum fir now for personal reasons if i can assist let me know

@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for checking in, allseem good but slow it seems. I think the growth is going into root system. I’m at day 11 from ground break.

@ReMoLu sounds about right first two to three weeks slow growth above the dirt
Me posted when you update and pictures are always nice :+1: lol