Dehumidifier/ other methods?

Quick question. I’m gonna be getting a dehumidifier for my next grow, had trouble controlling towards the end of flower (couldn’t keep it below 60%). I would like to be able to control it down to around 40%. Sooooo my question is should I just get a little cheap one or should I spend some money on it? (I know u get what u pay for lol) I am in a 5x5 grow and don’t need anything monstrous. Also, any alternative ways of keeping the humidity down? Thanks, any and all opinions welcomed!!

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I hear you man Its been ridiculously humid here! So Fans help with the humidity too. I bought a 20pint dehumidifier and it has a drain on the back that you can connect a hose to so you never have to empty it if you have a place we’re the water can drain. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it yet because I don’t have a good place for it to drain. I imagine this would work great. Well that’s my 2 cents hope it helps a little. Happy growing :v: