Dehumidifier\Humidity Control Recommendations Please

Can anyone recommend a decent humidifier that will service a 40’ x 40’ basement. My tents are in a partitioned area about 10’ x 12’. I think I will need a compressor type unit to address the issue but I have no experience with these machines and do not trust Amazon reviews or seller claims.

I have a small dehumidifier in the grow room but outside the tent, as well as hvac vents, my flowering tent is a 4x4 with intake and exhaust fans. During rain or high rh, running my dehumidifier 24/7 and playing with hvac vents I can get the humidity down to about 62-65% in the partitioned area and rarely below 68% in the 4x4 flowering tent during lights out.

This is my first full year in this house, as well as my first basement setup, all was good until the spring rains and summer humidity hit . . . last grow was my first experience with bud rot in over 20 years so I’ve got to get a handle on this or shut down until I can get the basement dryer or find a room upstairs to invade.

Any recommendations for a good unit, or any suggestions to otherwise control humidity would be greatly appreciated.

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You might want to consider a mini split for the 40x40 space.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

A split might be a good idea, although the basement has HVAC vents, both supply and returns . . . I can control temps easy enough with the central unit. Basement stays 2-4 degrees cooler than the family room year round, and I can open (or close) the hvac vents as needed in my area. My problem is the humidity stays about 10% higher than it does in the house, and tent stays a bit higher than the basement even with intake and exhaust running.

I’m hoping to pull the humidity in the partitioned space down to a more manageable level. Then I think I can cut the fans back enough to get temps up above 70F with lights on and still keep humidity under control. First indoor setup I’ve had where heat wasn’t really an issue . . .

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You’re gonna want something large, and probably with an automatic drain pump. That’s a big space that’ll remove a lot of moisture. Emptying the bucket twice a day gets old fast

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They sell these at home de pot. I use them and they work great

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What are the temperatures in the basement? Those factors are going to change your RH.

Basement temps stay at 70, humidity normally around 60-65%. Can adjust temps as needed pretty much, humidity has been my biggest issue since installing the central HVAC system.

I’m looking at a Pelonis 40 pint that’s in stock at my local Menard’s for about $170. I can connect it directly to my grow area drain system by hose without the need for a pump I think.

Anyone have an opinion on the Pelonis brand dehumidifiers?

I would concur with @Allinherhead about getting a mini-split. I installed a mini-split heat pump in my 400 sq ft bedroom in the upstairs of the most humid place in America and that thing is the truth. There are sizing considerations for you to look at, but it gives you the benefit of a “zoned” heating/cooling unit and the abilities of a central air system-just in one room. Although come to think of it, they make multi-zone systems as well, for up to 3 or 4 rooms each with it’s own controls. Mine has a dry setting on the controls so it can concentrate more on removing humidity than temperature setting, though it still is cooling when in dry mode. 40x40 is a huge area, larger than many homes are.

Thanks for the suggestions.

All things considered, the mini-split would be the ideal solution, however I considered those before going with a central package unit. I would have to put the outdoor unit either on my front porch or the front corner of the house to avoid a long run (50-60’, passing through 2 block foundations and 1 partition wall to reach my grow area) for the compressor lines.

With temps being fine I’m going to try dehumidifying primarily the 10x12 area I have partitioned off for my grow . . . if I can finish getting it sealed off from the rest of the basement that is.

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I decided on a GE 50 pint . . . bought local and put it in my grow area a couple of hours ago and rh is down to 50 in room, 55% in the tent. Temps are up about a degree . . . so far so good.

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