Dehumidifier 4 greenhouse

I have a 5000 cubic foot dehumidifier and a couple of box fans for a 10X9X8’ greenhouse. Does anyone think that is overkill for humidity? The daytime temperature in the Blue Ridge mountains can reach 85 degrees or better in July and August. The humidity can soar to 90 percent. My deepest fear is bud rot.


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Seven years and going strong. Would operate better, with drain plumbing vice monkey dumping buckets.


Unit has control dials for %RH range control ?
Water (created from cooling operation) drains where?
Automatically drainage or bucket requires dumping for continous operation?
Just asking, for a friend. If it works GREAT.

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My dehumidifier has a reservoir of a gallon. I plan to recycle the water for the plants. It is supposed to extract 30 pints in 24 hours. I’ll monitor the ph, but I’m thinking water from air should be ok to use.

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If you need more, these models would have my vote, especially if reservoir can have auto drain (into bucket for use, you said.

Overkill - hard to say.
My indoor grow space is approx 160 sq ft. The space is tied to he main HVAC system. I run a 30pt dehumidifier and a portable AC unit (either on cool or dehumidify setting) Mid May to Sept??. Plants can produce a lot moisture


I picked up a brand new dehumidifier for $122. I have a couple of fans to cool the greenhouse during the summer heat. I think I’ll be okay. I just don’t want to create a desert climate. :wink:

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Jacuzzi or hot tub, add moisture. Good growing to you. I completed my first outdoor summer grow and I am thrilled or addicted.

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More, sooner, I am told by friends using mine after recent PNW flooding.

so i use my bedroom as the lung room for a 4x4 tent. im flowering and had to buy a second dehumidifier because the humidity has been 70-92% RH outside. It effects my room a lot. i couldn’t get the humidity under 70% RH without a second unit and now i am getting by in low 50%RH. I have the sides of tent draped over the dehumidifiers so that they are blowing directly in there also. so nothing is overkill if its outside especially! get one with controls like @DEEPDIVERDAVE said