Dehumidified water for watering

Just wondering if any one here is or is wondering bout Using the dehumidifier water to water plant and if so what are your results trying to find a alternative to buying distilled

When it’s full I dump it in the containers I mix my nutes in but I just use tap water always never bought bottled for my plants consistently but the waters pretty good here

It’s probably better then tap water so why not??? I can’t see any reason why it should be contaminated it’s not like your adding heavy metals and salts?? I guess just make sure your chamber is clean then I see no reason why not

I’ve checked my water from dehumidifier and it tested at 50 to 60 ppm’s so I would say that’s not to bad. That’s a lot better than my tap water. I believe that @Happilyretired uses his water from dehumidifier to water plants.

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Basically it’s the same as distilled.
Just make sure to disinfect the dehumidifier catch pan once in a while to keep the nasties away.


I use the water from my dehumidifier and I also have a mini split AC unit in my grow room it doesn’t have a catch pan just a drain line going straight into a barrel ppm usually between 11 and 21… I also catch the water from the condensation line on my house and the ppm of that is usually around 100… Just guessing here now so don’t hold me to it but the PPM of your water is going to be directly related to the air in the room or area being cooled . the humidity that is being pulled from in my house ,I have three dogs and three people lot more dust and dander flying around in the grow room I have a exterior air supply that is filtered coming in and nothing in the room Except plants and growing stuff So the PPM in the room is a lot lower because there’s less ppm in the air If that makes sense to you…
My entire current growth has been growing with moisture pulled from the air in that room exclusively… The stuff that I’m catching from my house I use for a flush between water changes or I just water my outdoor with it…(back up)… My well water is over 400 ppm which I thought was kind of high until I went to a friend of mine‘s house about 20 miles away to check city water and it was almost 800 ppm​:flushed::crazy_face:

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My current grow of northern lights used the water from two dehumidifiers. I also supplement this water with rain water I collect. Both have very low ppm. I will continue to use both sources as long the weather allows.


i know this is an old thread, but i read an article that says you shouldn’t use this water on edible plants because DH units are not food grade and therefore manufacturers can use lesser grade components, and water collecting will pass over plastic and metal components and leech heavy metals and such.

i say this as i’m 75 percent through a grow where i have been using the damn dj unit water pretty regularly. but then i read up on here and everyone else seems to use it to water their canna plants so we idk