Deformed, stunted growth, misshaped leaves

Hey grow fam, I got a question for y’all if you think you know the answer. I got a raised soil bed with living no till soil. I have 9 plants from seed all from the same bag veging rn. Some of the plants are growing really nicely with zero sign of any issue. Now about 4 on the other hand are growing very slowly and deformed if at all. The leaves have only three nodes. The leaves are stubby and thick. The plants that are showing deformation are on opposite sides of my bed so I don’t think it could be a soil disease.
The seeds are bred by Cannarado genetics, a reputable source. My question is it possible that some of these seeds are of low quality and the defomitys are in the genetics? It was a free pack I got along with another pack. Has anyone ever heard of a plant growing poorly just based of the genetics even if every other aspect is suficiente?

Strain: thin mint cookies x doho indica dominant hybrid
Bred by cannarado
Soil composition: 65% fox farm ocean forest 20% biochar 15% pumice 10% kelp alfalfa fish bone oyster shell feather meal Natures pride veg and flower azomite
Temperature 70-80 f
Humidity 30%-60%

I recently got a soil test kit and sent my sample of soil to the lab to determine the quality of soil and the available nutrients as well as the ph of my soil. Once I get those result back I will post them here. Thanks to all who help out!

It’s impossible to diagnose plant issues with grow lights on.
Please re take photos with lights off and flash on.
Thank you in advance, Ps twisted leaves is often PH issues