Deformed seedlings

Good evening guys,

So i started a grow in an 8x4 tent, so far so good, but as you can see the two seedlings on the right are so funky looking. I’ve been treating them all the same, and the two that are weird happen to be the same type (San Fernando valley). Any recommendations? Maybe their genotype needs nutrients earlier? Or are they just ugly and let them be? Any advice would be much appreciated =)

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I try to think about plants like humans or not like them but compare them. You can have 5 children with the same parents and each one will be different like their height, weight, hair, and it’s possible that one will have a deformity.

Welcome to this forum. You will find out what other growers experienced and are more than willing to pass that info on. I too have experienced what you are going thru. I just let them grow, watch closely, I think they will be fine. just me 2 cents. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:

Here us a funky Maui Wowie in my current grow when it was a seedling:

Here it is at about 49 days old:

Hang in there, it will be a good plant.

Welcome to the community @ajricke , all are welcome here.


Thanks guys. I’m just gonna keep telling them they’re beautiful and hope for the best!


That helps! Science