Deformed seedling

Help I planted this 2 weeks ago along with another one , other one is doing great with same media, introduced nutrients at 180ppm few days ago but since germination the seed has been deformed like this since germination got it from ILGM tried changing to soil and no change

The other one looks much better and are same strain also gold leaf

Genetic variation. It looks fine for a plant that’s been transplanted twice. Let it adjust.


They are 2 different plants in pics just same strain and plant date and repotting and so on

What does the term “strain” mean to you? In other words, what are your expectations from seeds labeled as the same cultivar (the term we should use)?

Isn’t the strain the breed of plant for example I ordered gold leaf from ILGM so for example gold leaf is the strain/breed, the plants can all have unique properties like one more indices one more sativa dominant but should mostly turn out the same or similar end product

I try not to use the terms Indica, Sativa, or strain. But you’re seeing two plants that conform to your definition of cultivar. And the seed maker only controls the genetic potential; you must account for the different environments these plants have experienced.

I’m seeing two similar plants. I’m looking at leaflet beam to length ratio. I can’t do a stem rub, but you could. Even though one is struggling, they’ve both produced the same number of nodes. I can’t gauge internode length from those pictures.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the cannabis breeder culture sets unrealistic expectations, so I really appreciate that you put some thought into an honest answer. And hopefully I’ve helped clarify things a bit for you.