Defoliation - When is enough really enough?

My GG4 is 8 1/2 weeks old since sprouting. I’ve removed everything below the SCROG and also defoliated the upper part several times (a little at a time). Just seems to grow right back.

I know I want good air circulation to prevent mold. Tent has 3 circulating fans plus my exhaust fan.

Question - Should I leave it alone or does it need more defoliation as it continues to flower?


They grow back because the plant needs leaves.
I only remove a few to keep the buds in the moving air.
Cannabis is resilient and will tolerate a lot of abuse. I think it looks fine.
The only time I have had and mold problem was when I let the humidity get over 70%.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have bad humidity here (Southern US on the east coast). My humidity rarely gets below 70.

I do run a dehumidifier 7x24 but with so much air exchange, I don’t see how it removes anything before exhausting out of the tent.

My tent is in a shed behind the house. No lung room other than the shed itself (far from air tight)

Trying to stay ahead of mold.


Thats a tough one. If you can ever afford it a mini split system would perfectly control the space. The smallest is 9k btu but a 12k is only like 100 bucks more. Controls temp and my unit has humidity control too.
Senville 12k btu 120volt unit was about 800.00
I spent another 100 on a vacuum pump and installed it myself. Was easy.

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