Defoliation week 6 flowering

I’m in beginning of week 6 flowering. Before reading and studying up, I went ahead and cleared away some fan leaves and several low spindly branches only to find out it seems to be a big fat no-no to trim (as much as I did ) past week 2 flowering. Any soul out there who still succeeded with a healthy harvest and a healthy trimming well into flowering?I trimmed due to how busy and dense my lady was. I wanted light to penetrate, and I wanted to get rid of small undergrowth so maximum energy can go to the main buds. I

include pictures! Thanks!!!

No harm in that! That plant will reward you for it!
I am always plucking off leafs that are in the way of other buds, otherwise I might consider tying the entire branch in a direction that helps alleviate the problem.
It’s a judgement call. Your plants look great!

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That seems like a lot of branches to cut off at one time.

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Yes. Like I said, its my first grow. I will not do this again so late in the grow. She is not showing any visible signs of distress, yet it was only 2 days ago. The tricomes barely are rounded off when I look with my loupe. Any indications of what will show up if I’ve really hurt her? Buds are still growing and getting fuller, but do not look near ready. Very green still, but pistils are both amber, light to medium and white. Nothing about this grow has been typical. What should I be looking for to indicate unfixable problems?

Nothing. It will just stunt plant development.

Is it worthwhile to go ahead and dry- cure the buds if they are stunted? Would they be useful for anything such as making tinctures, or oils, butters, ect? And to smoke? This is a white widow. Was meant to be an auto, but has been really on her own time schedule. I forced her to flower after 9 weeks in veg. She is in her 14th week since sprouting.

They will probably be fine to do whatever you want with