Defoliation week 2 in flower

Hi all she in week 2 in couple days and need some help I started taking big fan leaves off from bottom n started my way up?
Have got to a point we’re I’m stuck on wat should be coming off n wat should be staying pics not great but hope can help with some advice.
Should I be trimming all off at bottom?

This is today’s pics of her-

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I wouldn’t take off a whole lot in one trim session. Most of us will only take off ~25% at a time and then let the plant recover for a day or 2 before going at it again.

Kyle takes off a lot in this video and it is called lollipopping (leaving only 3 to 5 of the upper nodes with foliage.) The purpose of defoliation is to increase airflow and light penetration. I stop cutting when that is accomplished.


I have left her for 2days and it’s her watering day today so thought to take bit more off today before feeding her…
Not done this before so hard to tell wat I need to take off and not harm her…:+1:t2:

Leaves that protrude from the plant are the ones you should take first. Then it’s up to you if you want to take the entire lower 1/3rd or 1/2. I basically did half and removed all protuding leaves in current SoG. But looks more like a scrog for you.

Any lower branches smaller than a #2 pencil

Do a 1/3 at a time, wait 4-5 days between

Start earlier on defoliating, week or so leading up to flip so by the time your seeing pistils your not causing stress

Also allows all the energy to concentrate on those areas of the plant creating big flowers instead of bunches of smaller ones.

I love kushman

Honestly i rip all the big fan leaves off the plant but i wait for 3 week and 6 week flower time. Usually when the plants do a slow or a changeover on what it is doing and best time to defol and lollipoo plants to not cause stress so bad. I jave literally left 4 leaves on each branch and stripped the rest off. Take a look @Joshmcginnis28 thread he does a real hard defol on his plants also. Within a few days to a week u wont even be able to tell. I jave a defol coming up in like a week. Ill take before and after pics on how mine look after a good defol


I was told the same way mark is rolling.
Defoliation 2/3 of the way up a week or 2 before flower so it has time to recover.
Then for the first 3 weeks of flip 12/12 you just remove a few of the top fan leaves that are covering bud sites,a few daily here and there so you don’t stress your plant out .then on day 21 of lower you clip every fan leave that is as big or bigger than your hand off. If you do it right than your plants will look like bean poles.then defol again 21 days later which would be 41 days from flip 12/12.
In about a week or so you won’t even tell you defoliated.
Happy growing👍

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