Defoliation top of Scrog?

I went and defoliated two of my plants, seems like alot to me,and took a couple thick ones , these were my short WW. The tall ones I left alone, anyway need to look up after care from defoliation.
Now I’m looking for opinions on defoliation on top the scrog, seems like the short plants would be better served than the tall ones, !

:alarm_clock::man:z see ß
These are 17 days in flower, 94 days since sprouting, been along road don’t want to kill them now lol.![1529626607206-526727442|374x500](upload://e07z e2bKthmx1,$HlQunutStuOQVLqk8.jpg)


anything that did not make it to the net gets chopped. As for cleaning up on top, i wouldnt recommend it, the whole point of cutting off the lower growth lets the energy go straight to the tops an not be wasted on a smaller bud. They are looking great. Good luck


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Think I got it good enough now, did this CPL days ago and bud development increased so it was a win, I’m 20 days in flower and got my first tricome pics today, do you think this is average ?


Yes shes looking great. Already showing alot of frost. @Randy1966 your doing fine.