Defoliation then sprayed with neem, i think my trim sites are rotting. pleaseee help!

I did a final heavy trim 2 weeks into flower. i sprayed with neem and bt oil. a few days later im noticing some rot at my trim sites. please help me get this in order. should i treat with alcohol? milk, water and hydro perox? baking soda and water? or should i just cut this stems off to prevent it further damaging my plants?

any advice would be very appreciated!!

When I defoliate, I leave a 1/2-3/4" of the stem. Same thing with clones.

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Looks like you have some mold going. It’s common among outdoor plants this time of year.

A dilute hydrogen peroxide spray will take care of it. Mix it 2:1 water:H2O2 and apply twice a day for several days until it is gone.


Is that considered organic?

For what it may be worth, as a future reference, when I trimmed branches off of my plants (outdoors) I would put a dab of aloe vera on the stub I left.

Even after a week the cuts would look clean so the little extra effort was well worth it.

I lost a few large branches due to storm damage, was able to fix a few others, and since they were bigger branches I went back a couple of times over the course of a week and reapplied the aloe vera and had excellent healing results.

On top of that, welcome to The Site!


Thanks a lot. Any idea of what to do about this issue I’m

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Sorry, the aloe vera kept me from having to deal with it……

I’m sure someone will come along with a possible “fix.”