Defoliation/swazzing vs non defoliation. Yeilds

Does defoliation/swazzing really effect yeild? Mainly on plants that are 4 way lst?

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Done at the right time it will cut down on post harvest work. Done too early and it will for sure affect yields. Leaves catch the light to make sugars the plant then uses. Take away too many and the plant can’t do it’s job.


I barely remove leaves and my yields can hit over 1 lb off a 7 foot plus tree. This is dried, cured and no stem weight. :+1:

What I do is not recommend my grow technique. :+1:


This guy wrote a book called 3 a light states doing a complete leaf strip right before flip then at 20 days gets him 3-4lbs per light that’s why I created this thread to see what others think of this

Was that indoor?

I just did it to mine but I left plenty. It definitely helped get light down in and around the main colas. I am positive it’s going to help. Mine is week 2 of flower. I wouldn’t do it before or after 3-4 weeks of flower.

I do enough defol to where I can see soil by looking down from the canopy. Let’s me know I have light getting all the way through the plant. Most recent before and after:

I have seen plenty of successful plants grown with the swazzing technique. Would really need to see two clones grown with the different techniques to see how, or if, it affects yield.


I only grow indoors and I grow super monsters.

How long do u veg for from seed

I got 4 Blue dream going on I wonder how long I should veg for sticking in my 4 x 4

I don’t Veg at all. Trust me when I say this. If they are not Auto Blue Dream, you won’t get a good grow. Photoperiod Blue Dream gets over 78” tall indoors.
I know from experiwnce.

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Your scaring me dude lol. Their ilgm blue dreams I will be doing 4 way lst on them so as they stretch I can spread them out horizontally then flip them when I run out of floor space I train plants to sit about 4” flat ubove pots to maximize my space hopefully with that and well trimmed leaf stripping I can control their stretch I’m running LEDs so I can get within 12” from lights I hope that will give me enough room I’ll be logging the grow in hear if you wanna follow it I’ll need all the help I can get it looks like

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Blue Dream…this was them small. :+1::+1::+1:

One Blue Dream hit over 7 foot tall and just as wide. :joy::joy::joy:


Ya no was I’m letting them grow like that lol thinking about what u said. Many a scrog would. E best

Update on the swazzing blue dream fem hit 2lbs jarred up I hit 18.5oz on one of them that was under a se 1000w hps xxxlmagnum hood run on 100% power


How much would you have expected to get in under same conditions had you not swazzed them?

I just defoliated the crap out of my blue dream autos. Removed all fan leaves right at beginning of flower.
Gonna do it again in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Hey bud, I’m telling you…swazzing is the shit lol……… I just hit 67.375 grams per square foot off one plant and pulled 1078g in half my 4x8. And I swizzled her harder than I’ve ever swizzled any other plant……like I looked at her when I was done and was convinced I killed her……I was wrong

The one on the left is her

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