Defoliation schedule question

up until a couple weeks ago i was trimming these plants every week but since then ive let them grow. how often should i be defoliating and how high up do you usually go?

100% growers choice. Some people don’t even trim. Some do a little at a time the whole grow. Some people say get all your defoliation done before flower, some people say defoliate in the 3rd week of flower…. Basically do whatever you want. Usually people remove at least the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the foliage. Again growers choice.


Usually I just clean up as I see fit. The bottom nodes don’t produce crap usually especially if they have no light. I pinch those off early and the lower parts I lollipop each stem. The higher part I spread out and I only take big old fan leaves that block alot of light. As in right on top of a node . In flower I pluck the tiny little growth off to keep the plant nice and organized and focused on big buds. I usually try to get everything at once but sometimes when I go back a few days later and check I might take more off. I just defoliated today as a matter of fact went through and seen how my tops are doing. Topped a few more now ill wait a few more days and top again

This picture was taken on June 1st. The next was taken today June 6th

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My rule is as soon as the buds are about quarter sized I’ll get the useless internals and hidden bottoms let them settle a week or 2 then go over them again