Defoliation reference photos?

On this grow I flipped on may 4 and got buttons 2 days ago. So on may 19 I got buttons so that’s 15 days it took


i dont grow autos but I wonder if because the veg period is so short that perhaps defoliating would just rob the plant of much needed energy? I agree that it should probably be do during transition if at all. You may want to try out the various methods using one NON stripped plant as a control?


Consensus is a no. I want to bank a few grams before I start experimenting too much. Right Now I have a control and plant, a topped plant, and one in LST. I’ll see how that does and go from there…

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I did experimenting with a strong strain (White Widow Auto CBD) bought here from ILGM. I found that my yields were higher with appropriate defoliation even 2 or 3 times, as well as Low Stress Training. I did not increase yields with Topping…that plant yielded the least.
so, not scientific or anything…just my experience. Defoliation is important for increased air flow, reduction of areas to get mildew or mold, as well as part of the overall art of ‘shaping your plants for increased yields’. But, that’s just my limited experience; I’m only on my 2nd & 3rd Grow now.