Defoliation question at 21 days flowering

Hi All,

Here are a couple pics of my WW photo. I flipped to a 12/12 flowering light schedule 21 days ago.

My question is about defoliation. I hear a bunch of different opinions on the topic and so far have done very little defoliation beyond removing yellow/dying leaves.

As this plant has a ton of leaves and is pretty bushy I was wondering if I should remove any more fan leaves or just let it ride and not remove anything else unless they are yellowing/dying.

I’m going for maximum yield and don’t really mind if I have a number of smaller popcorn buds to trim. Ive inky got one plant so trim work won’t be that much of a deal.

Any help is greatly appreciated. (My light is a Mars TS1000 apx 150W) and the tent is 3x3.


I definitely see bud sites in middle take them off or you can tuck them also need good air flow through plant, she looks very good and healthy happy growing!


I would probably trim all leaves and tiny bud sites 1/3 of the way up from the soil and all leaves to the 1/2 way mark.


Ok thank you for your insight.


Thanks. This seems like good advice as my foliage is pretty dense that not much intense light is getting down to the lower part of the plant.


@HMGRWN Can i remove the bottom half of the leavess and bottom 1/3 of tiny bud sites all at once or should I do it over a few days?


You can stretch it out if you think they may stress. General rule is not more than 20% total (leaf) mass at one time.


@HMGRWN . Got it. Will do it over a few days just to be safe. Thank you.


Yes to all of the above. I remove any buds on the bottom that will not reach or get close to the main canopy. They never develop fully and consume resources that can go to more productive buds.
Nice looking WW
For a good reference take a look at Growweedeasy Complete Flowering Stage Defoliation Tutorial by Nebula Haze


I usually trim last week of veg then 3 weeks and then 6 weeks gotta get rid of foliage around pot to water


Many thanks @beardless . I’ll take a look at the growweedeasy tutorial by Nebula Haze.


Thank you. Going to get to defoliating this evening!

Nice looking plant!


If it were me, I would strip all fans leaves with exposed stems that are roughly the size of your hand. There are not many in mine to show you relative size of leaf. :green_heart::pray::v:


Later in flower that may be a good idea. For early flower I like to let the plant just be healthy.


@AxlRose , @HMGRWN , Exposing the calyx to light increases the cluster size and density when timed appropriately. 21 and 42 days are good marker days for defoliation. Most hybrid strains seem to respond well. Check out one of @imSICKkid journals. I tend to keep picking throughout the majority of flower but week 3-4 and 6-7 are where I get the most impact to flower size.:green_heart::pray::v:. This was a fun grow.


All tips above are spot on, I like the never take off then 20% at a time, also If you can wait tell the day I feed nutes to do this. Cutting anything off cause STRESS that’s why the 20% rule I like but also feeding nutes in my opinion I don’t think there any science to it but feeding should help you plant bounce back quicker. Someone on this forum told me that when I ask similar question and if you think about it makes sense. Also if you just have leaves in center clean the out it will improve air flow. Less chance of mold. Also over weeks try to clean off bottom 1/3 I know it might sound crazy.Even take off bud sites, would you rather have a bunch of little fluffy buds, or nice dense buds ? Up to u, it’s all an experience have fun best of luck


Hi All

Since I last posted 5 days ago I’ve taken off (what seems like to a newbie such as myself) an enormous amount of leaves. Also removed the tiny bud sites on the lower third.

It seems like every leaf I cut off 2 appear the next day. So many leaves.

Should I continue to thin this plant by removing more fan leaves out or let it ride until day 42 of flowering which seems to be a popular time to defoliate a 2nd time during flowering?

Any other observations?

Thanks everyone for their insights from last week and again this week. The advice on this forum is incredible!


@Chasfitter @HMGRWN @beardless @JaneQP @Stonedrus @Kingkupa


I would take the remaining larger fans in the middle of the plant on the larger branches, how far from the tops is the light, or do you have a DLI reading?

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Ok got it.

The tops of the plant are apx 16-17 inches from the light.

I’m running a Mars Hydro TS1000 (apx 150W from what I understand) in a 3x3 tent. Is my light powerful enough in your opinion?

Don’t know the DLI. Working on that…

Thank you.