Defoliation or Wait

One week into flower should I defoliate or wait a little longer?


Looking good man! Super healthy.

Ive read a lot into this and what I have seen most followed was day 1 flower then another on day 21. I think the day 21 is due to stretch being over with.

Last run I did a heavy defol around your time. And then another about 3 days later. I didn’t know better, and she threw some pollen sacs. I was able to catch them early on, and pluck, but just a consideration.

Looking forward to see other replies. Again, good looking gal! Strain?


The day 20 second Defol has more to do with the roots and stretch that will take place AFTER you defol on first day of flower…don’t forget it’s gonna double in size (maybe more) and from the looks of how healthy she is you could prolly trim…2 weeks from now I bet you’d prolly never even be able to tell you trimmed

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Strain is Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from ILGM