Defoliation or no defoliation

I gradually pulled a few here and a few there… working my way up week to week after flower start.


I just open up inside and branches with no hope of making a decent flower. Other than that i letem go. Just fillin plants for me in my veg tent. Only thing i like about them is seed to harvest 1 light cycle. I do not like the timer. No time for a reveg or to fix a booboo. Just me. To be honest i believe the extra few weeks and light changes on photo worth the stress relief.


Well I pluck the hell out of all 9 plants we will see how they respond.i will let y’all know

High :wave: I’m a beginner & this is my Blueberry auto, it’s 6 weeks old. It has me worri

ed! Bud sites all over but it doesn’t look like any of the ones I’ve seen. Any advice, thoughts? Will be greatly appreciated :sun_with_face: :potted_plant: :heart:

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I never had to do this with my Autos. In fact you would swear I did based on those photos. Just be careful because Autos are on their own time schedule so stress is something you don’t want.

Why many growers will switch to Photos for total control. I don’t mind growing a Auto for a different strain I never had before but Photos is King. :+1:


Welcome to the community @Brainsacco1
Looks to me like you need more/better light. Your plant looks healthy but will require some support due to being stretched as much as she is.


I have it in pot4pot soil & started out on a 24 hr. Light cycle, for about a month. I now have it on a 20-4 cycle. The light I have it under is a 100 watt led "full spectrum " and keep it about 20 inches above the plant. I don’t have the money to buy a high dollar light. I have read that I could grow under a table light or on a balcony or windowsill. Thank you :blush: :sun_with_face: :potted_plant: :heart:

True, in a literal sense. It will “grow” but that is subjective.

Open to interpretation how they measure that.

Not recommended but I saw a “knock off” of a MarsHydro T-1000 on amazon for around $70.00

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I don’t think I’m going to use something that isn’t recommended. I’m starting to get discouraged :disappointed: when I started this hobby I was under the impression that it was going to be pretty easy. I think I got my hopes up for nothing. I don’t want to have my heart broken after I put so much love & time into a grow. I guess I’ll wait until I can afford a light that will be sufficient. Thanks!!

I’m going to use my hlg 100 & will probably buy another one. I will keep it as close as possible. I wish I would have gotten on this forum when I started. There are allot of knowledgeable people here & are willing to help. Good people :+1: :sun_with_face: :potted_plant: :heart:


I can feel your pain.

I wish there was a way for me to buy you a light :frowning:

Hate that you’re having a hard time.

That being said, you could probably find some lights on Facebook marketplace for cheap.

Perhaps some photography lights (the. Cheap kind) like 150 watt CFL, you can add one or two. In your situation, I wouldn’t stress so much about not having the perfect light, you need MORE, doesn’t matter much how you get it ( all things considered)

(I’m a noob too, so take it with a grain of salt. )


Ok brother! I don’t know what a noob is, I hope I’m not coming across as a snyab. I don’t know if I spelled that right lol.i just want to get the best equipment that I can afford right now. I’m sooo stoked about growing, that it is what I look forward to everyday. I think I might be obsessed :thinking: but idc! I love growing!!! & I’m such a greenhorn to all of this, but I’m gonna be growing some class A skunk soon if it kills me lol!! :sun_with_face: :potted_plant: :heart: I crave feedback, so please help :pray: y’all are awesome!!!

@Dakjoe you seem like a straight up person, & I welcome your advice & knowledge. Things are a little screwy right now in my life, so I’m doing what I can for the time being. Please come back to my journal & share with me what you have going? & I’ll do the same. Peace Brother :v:

I have a couple hlg 100’s & am happy for now. I smoked a small bud yesterday & today, & if I do say so myself it’s pretty f*****g good. I’m waiting for the trichromes to start to turn amber, then I’m gonna start to flush her. I hope I time it right.


noob = newbie.

I literally posted a few days ago talking about being a greenhorn lol

I’ve become literally obsessed too.

I’ve got 4 blue dreams going right now.

I’m not in aposition to really “give advice” so to speak. But I do know enough to be able to say that when it comes to light, better light is better, but not enough light is FAR worse than alot of not perfect light. :smiley:

Good luck to you on your journey!

I’ve been wanting to do this for like 15 years (damn. I’m gettign old)
Finally said fuck it, Imma do it before I die lol


Hell yeah bro!!! I worked for the city for most of my life & stopped smoking when I was 17 & now I’m smoking again & I love it!!! It’s a shame that people can’t do something that helps them because the government can’t profit from it.

O yeah my name is Brian, I put Brain down because it’s an inside joke lol. Good to meet you bro!!!

Good to meet you too bro!

I was a restaurant worker my whole career, changed and now I’m a software engineer.

Funny thing, I quit smoking to be more effective, when i was working in kitchens.
Now, I’m a software engineer, and my mind is my tool, and I smoke ALL the time.
Which, funny enough, does NOTHING for my work.

I usually dont smoke before work, messes with me hard.


That’s funny! There is no way I could have done my job high :upside_down_face: because of not smoking for so long it only takes a few hits to get where I wanna be. Sun :sun_with_face: :potted_plant: :heart:

Lol i can do it! It only really slowd me down when I’m trying to understand something someone else is saying. Which is alot lol