Defoliation / LST advice

So I have a really bushy girl. She was dropped on her head as a seedling. All her sisters are normal. I need some advice on what leaves are ok to remove. Id also like to know the best place to tie her down, not sure where to bend now that the stem is thick.

Hard to be sure, its difficult to advise on this because every strain and setup is different. Here is a short answer tho.

At this point id remove about 30 to 50 percent of large fan leaves keeping light and air moving freely thru the canopy.

Truth is im very agressive when i defoliate and im not comfortable having you go as far as i do. Here is an example.


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Oh wow that is pretty far. I’m glad to know it wont hurt to remove the big fans. they are suffocating the lower nodes! I will start off slowly and take more if needed. Great looking plant btw :slight_smile:

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Here is the same plant 10 days later… aaaand i dropped an ac unit on it the day after the defol… literally pancaked it! Lol

so dont worry its hard to mess them up in veg too bad.

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Take all the big ones off like he did above. You dont need all that foliage indoors whenever you have constant light levels.

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LOL. Yeah they are tougher than they look for sure.

Just my opinion, I would top her, at the top of her 3rd node, right below the 4th node. That stem and roots are healthy. You’ll get rid of that compact top, and use the 3 nodes as tops, giving you 6 tops.

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That plant is a perfect candidate for manifolding!