Defoliation i guess

Hello family im assuming this falls under pruning defoliation. I have one of my ladies she has these big pair of leaves i was wondering if i can take them off they have been just drooping. I guess they are gettinv most of the good stuff.


You can take out some of the big old fan leaves to open the plant up a bit and allow better air flow


Leave them for now. They help make the plant grow bigger. If it was flowered, sure clean her up. But right now its not needed.

Well mr.peat you are 45 minutes late because my nick name is Edward scissors Hand lol. And i top when im suppose to fim and i fim when im suppose top. Besides i think those fan leaves were the only thing growing. You know us rookies got to try stupid stuff we are like kids right now :grin:

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She’ll be fine. I remove the large fan leaves like that on all my plants at that stage

@37 it won’t hurt , actually it would do more good than bad at this point cause indica fan leaves are humongous until you let the 7 , 9, and 11 finger leaves come out . But I noticed what ever the last number finger fan leaf you top is all the plant will spawn out over and over as it grows . So if you have only 5 finger fan leaves , I know the plant was topped early in veg , if it’s 7 , 9 or larger it was vegged over 2 months easily :thinking: , and I learn this just by growing consistently , years in but it’s some monstrous bushes out there around the hills sides, in the Valleys, on the Peaks and Bluffs are the bottoms , but they out there growing cause I can smell them and you only see the very top of them but no clue of where the base of the ginormous stalk is planted and rooted like a Cypress !

U are dead on yoshi the plants where i topped they only grew small fan leaves after that.