Defoliation and super soil

Hello. I was getting ready to defoliate my plants before I flip to 12/12 when I read that you shouldn’t defoliate when growing in super soil. Which I am. Does anyone here have any input?

Do you plan on feeding them in flower if not I’d avoid it you’ll need the stored nutrients

To be honest, no I didn’t. Is there an organic option to feed during flower? This is only my second grow

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Bio bizz organics is what I use

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Thanks alot @Dclark .I’ll look into it. Do you grow organic or supersoil? If so, any advice or tips for me?

I will be using biobizz light and all mix next time I just used what I had to hand this time. Will stick with nutrients they do everything you I’ll tag u in my journal later bro and u can see them on that I got them from ebay

Out of likes atm but u can check out @Hoppiefrog @Budbrother i believe r super soil or organic and might can throw u ideas. Good luck bud.

I’d like to understand why someone would assume this. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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An particular reason why not?

I mix my own soil and defoliate all the time.

@oldmarine and @MidwestGuy i don’t know what site it was on. But I read it online somewhere. Because the leaves store nutes and the soil can run out? Sounds like you guys don’t agree?

Oh I agree completely. The leaves do store “nutes”. The soil can run out of “nutes”. The plant will then start drawing energy from the leaves.

The idea is to not let that happen. The reason I mix my own soil is I control 100% of what goes in it. I am not feeding my plant, I’m feeding my soil.

By defoliating a healthy plant, I stimulate new growth. Every branch I damage increases trichome production naturally. If started early enough a plant can be made to produce quite a few colas with a lot of trichomes.

No matter what you do, some will say it’s wrong. I’m telling you there is no right way. There’s what works for me and what works for you. Sometimes they are the same thing and sometimes they aren’t. And while some might say I am hurting my yield (or whatever), it’s hard to argue with my results.


I appreciate the input. I think I will try to defoliate. They’re pretty bushy girls. Im growing in 5 gallon fabric pots with the bottom third being a local super soil called michigannabis. Then the top 2 thirds is cocoloco. Do you gentlemen think this changes anything?

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keep it moist at all times use mulch,worms, enzymes and em1.go heavy on the potassium, diversity is key to success.

It would help to see a picture.

They appear to be adequate for your purposes.

Here they are

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Really nice. I’d pick a medium sized leaf and remove every leaf that is larger. But that’s just me.

Believe it or not. I took a massive amount of leaves.


When you ph your water ,what do you use? I have been using G.H ph down. But I have been reading that it’s bad for organic soil. Is there any truth to that? Are the organic versions better?

I water my plants with straight rain or well water. I don’t have to raise or lower it.

Defoliation will Increase light penatration and air flow. Doesn’t make any difference if its organic or not. I personally hate larf so I remove all lower growth because I dont like the fluffy airy buds and would rather my plant use its resources toward better bud development.

Pretty controversial topic and I’ve done it both ways many times over the years and for me personally Defoliation ALWAYS gives me better results.

Timing is very important when defoliating , never defoliate a plant thats dealing with issues and not in good health. I like to defoliate twice, once about a week before flowering and again around week 3 flower after the stretch. Then I try not to remove anything else until the final 2 weeks.