Defoliate outdoor in flower?

Hi All
I’m about 2 weeks or so into flower outdoor. Should I defoliate? Idk if my inner sites are getting light. Everything is green and healthy I think. Any helps greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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And nope! That plant is not thick enough to warrant ripping energy producing leaves off. You can remove interior bud sites and some old sun leaves, but stripping is not needed for that plant.
I have removed interior bud sites and remove leaves as they die, here is what they look like

The primary reason for stripping is an indoor lighting thing, they dont have the same penetration as the sun. The sun does not lose light energy like an indoor light does with distance from the fixture. Therefore, the only reason to remove material from an outdoor plant is to
Increase airflow to reduce the likelihood of mold
To remove dead or dying material for the same reason
To remove inferior bud sites that will be larf anyway.
Other than that, those leaves are producing energy to create buds with and acting as both a reserve for nutrients and as a buffer for too heavy a feeding.


Hi I know this is outside but I am growing indoors can anyone tell me when I should defoliate my indoor plants I’m just about to start week 4 of flower

Inferior buds? Just those that don’t look like they’ll make it?

No, those that wont get bigger than a quarter.