Defoliate OG Kush auto

My OG is starting to flower and it’s THICK. Is it safe to do some minor defoliating to thin it out. Wasn’t sure on this strain if it would hurt it or not. Growing in DWC

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A picture would realy help everyone feel more comfortable in saying yes or no.

Pics or it didnt happen

Leaves that get 0 light is always safe to defoliate and popcorn branches too anything else you do at your own risk


@Skiboat yeah you can do some defoliation, if I was you I started with the under leaf cuz they don’t get light good loook


i@i myself would wait til close to 21 days flower as possible as to hit the plant on its stall time. When all budlets are formed is when u wanna do a defol. Itll form buds then stall a bit then bulk up buds. U wanna get it between the work it does. @Nicky got me on my first auto and it came out absoluyely beautiful. Anything or branch that dont make it a third way up the plant it goes and leaves thru the center they go leave all the smaller leaves and just take the bigger or biggest that cover any sites formed. Good luck. Just watch the plant for next time and u will see the stalls and get a grip on when to tear into them babies. Good luck hopefully nicky can lead u down a good path. He is a real good auto teacher so is @Not2SureYet


Yup she’s got quite the bush. Feel free to defoliate the bottom third basically of each branch. Wont amount to much and better energy distribution/airflow


Thanks guys!

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I just showed in another thread what was said here. I wait for the 3 week mark as well. I have had some I thought would be short and fat that stretched a crazy amount during pre flower.

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