Defoliate autos?

Day 56 from seed. Northern lights autos. Should I defoliate? Had calcium problems but hopefully corrected. It’s my first grow


I’d suggest only taking leaves that are blocking bud sites.


Okay thanks. I’ve seen some almost strip the plant of it’s leaves. Is that okay for photos only?

I am not an expert by any means, however I have read extensively about defoliation. It seems as though, once a plant reaches the end of its stretch, folks try not to mess too much with the plants. I don’t think autos stretch too much after flower, and you are most certainly done with gaining plant height and growing more leaves at this point. If the leaves aren’t blocking buds or too thick and causing moisture related problems like bud rot, then there is no need to stress the plants at this point if there is no issue, in my way less than expert opinion. For autos, I would skip any defoliation once they’ve begun to flower unless of problems.

From what I have read, and there is a lot of conflicting ideas on defoliation, for the most part people will defoliate once right before they throw the photos into flower, to redirect the plants energy to the bud sites, and to get rid of low lying leaves and bud sites that won’t have access to light, and therefore will at best become larf. Then often times you will here folks will defoliate once more at the end of stretch, more for canopy management with regard to air flow, moisture, and light. Be careful defoliating after the plant is done stretching because you aren’t going to get those leaves back like you do in veg or stretch. Every grower has their own style it seems. Look up Scwazzing and the Kushman technique to learn more. Also I am sure there is plenty of info on this site in the guides section to educate yourself.


Thanks for all the info. I think I’m just going to remove some fan leaves that are blocking bud sites. Both plants are very short and stumpy. Might’ve been from me doing too much lst because my previous tent was tiny lol

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