Defoiliation at week 4 of budding

I need some advice about root flush I’m all out door fem PH. I have never flushed an since I have gotten the chance to talk to true green thumbs I’ve noticed a lot talking about it. My plant is going strong no issue, how important would it be to flush now

I really only flush at the end near harvest, or if she is having trouble with to many nutes and I need to reset the soil in my pot. @Hellraiser, how many times and what reasons do you flush?

Oh ok I do appreciate the feed back beautiful girls btw

Depends on your nutes, if using Fox Farms, need to follow their feed schedule. With AN, I never really flush, just go water only for last 2 weeks.

Phenomenal grow!!!

Gotcha thank ya much @Hellraiser an @Stonedrus I’ve been concerned with that since joining an reading post an just cause I’ve not had any issues for real doesn’t mean the girls can’t be healthier