Deflated start but hopeful

I bought 20 seeds from ilgm and planted them in pods 16 days ago.
High yield mix pack and gold leaf.
Only 4 have come up.
So I had a look and the rest don’t have any tails.
I think I may have done something wrong.
I noticed the ones that came up were quite shallow, in the pods, compared to the ones that didn’t so I’m thinking that’s it.
I’ve put the remaining seeds back into straight water (2days now) to try to get a tail sprout after reading that is the preferred method.
I don’t have high hopes as it’s been awhile now and I’m sure I shouldn’t mess with it, but had to try something.
Any tips would be appreciated but I think I’ve majorly stuffed up.
I’m a first timer so hopefully ilgm save me :sweat_smile:

How long has it been since their first soak? I’ve had seeds sprout after a week that I thought were goners. The gold leaf genetics are super strong so I’d be surprised if they don’t come up. Did you soak them at all before you planted them the first time?

Oh nvm I see 16 days.

I’m still waiting on the replacement seeds from ilgm. It’s been awhile, but I’m still hopeful they will come through. I’ve emailed Claire but my return emails seem to not get through. Claire if you can read this, can you send out those replacements please.