Deficiency, toxicity or intensity?

Growing (2) AK47, (1) Zkittles and (1) AH -all autos
Sprouted on 11/3 and showed pistils 3 weeks after

Biobizz light mix soil

Botanicare pro blend bloom nutes over a week ago at 1/4 strength 1-4-5

Wills 2000w Cree Cob light rated at 426watts 18/6

Temps in low 70’s

RH 40%

Lower leaves yellowing

I don’t have any meters yet to test runoff



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Pics showing more of the plants

Last (2) waterings were with tap water.

Haven’t used Botanicare Grow in 2-3 weeks which is 3-2-4, not overwhelming high in Nitrogen

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It’s normal for the lower leaves to yellow and fall of as the plant matures.

I would get yourself PPM and pH meters to avoid problems in the future. If they get out of whack, you’ll want to address it as soon as possible.


I agree with @MidwestGuy it’s normal during flowering stage. I also agree that you will need a ppm tds meter and a pH meter.

During veg if my lower leaves turn yellow it usually means the plant needs nitrogen

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