Deficiency? Pest Problem?

Hey everyone!!

Recently I’ve noticed this happening to leaves on my seemingly healthy plant. The plant is about 6 weeks old and is growing in FFHF with 20% Perlite. I’ve been using advanced Nutrients Connoisseur consistently, and have had no other problems with the plant. This came out of nowhere! Does anyone know if it’s a deficiency, or if I potentially have a pest problem? I saw a few little tiny gnats in my grow tent but only a few, so I assumed they had just gotten in from outside. Any advice and insight is greatly appreciated!!

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Almost looks like light burn or heat stress, but could be a mag deficiency. Do you have a pic of the whole plant?

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Are you feeding any cal mag?

Also for pests…

Check the undersides of the leaves with a magnifier to rule out mites. Yellow sticky tape will take care of the gnats

And fungus gnats live in the wet soil. Are you letting the soil dry completely before watering?

The humidity in my tent has been a little low, around 30-35%, could that be the issue? Here are a few more pics of the plant and some of its other leaves. I also haven’t been giving her any calmag.

No, not yet. Do you think it would be a good idea to add it when I feed her?

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Yes, I learned the hard way about overwatering, so I keep them on a consistent wet/dry cycle watering and feeding.


Looks like calcium deficiency to me, I would start administering cal mag when you water / feed

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okay, will do! thank you for your help!

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