Deficiency or scope time?

This is the bigger plant

I’m seeing more clear, little milky white and almost No amber. More time ?

Other plant small buds but solid

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More milky white, clear, but still no amber, looking for more couch lock on these 2 plants. What dose everyone think ? Probably stop feeding Nutes ?

Lookin real good !
Im just sittin here listening…

I thunk they have one more decent swell to go. Give em another few days of feed and let the trichs mature a bit more. She may put on a bit more wait between the extra few days of nutes then water only to finish out


Will do thanks for all the info

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1/2 lbs bags. 2 plants 1plant 5.3 other 4.5. Using grove bags to cure. Put them in there Saturday as if this morning humidity staying at 60% very pleased. Still have the 2 above to harvest later