Deficiency or Normal Defoliage?

This leaf is located at the bottom of the plant on the inside, where it doesn’t get much light.
There are a few others like it, but not many (maybe 4-5).

pH = 6.0 - 6.5. (Bluelab Pen, Calibration once/month)
Nutrients: Microbe Plus-C (5ml/gal), Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom (10ml/gal), Silica Blast (5ml/gal), and Cal-Mag (5ml/gal).
Timeline: Week 3 of flowering, Outdoor
Strain: Forbidden Fruit

My question: Is this a deficiency of some sort or is this just my plant getting rid of large fan leaves that don’t get enough light anymore?

I feel like I am feeding them enough, but wanted some other opinions.
I appreciate any feedback!!

Could you take a full plant photo? Im not sure looking at the one leaf. But seems like a deficiency. Most the time leaves yellow then brown. But that appears green at the veins

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Here she is:

Here is a closeup if the yellowing leaves:

*Pictures were taken at night.

O they look healthy man. Dont worry. Just watch for a widespread. Do u have a TDS meter? PPMs are a count of the parts per million in your soil. Good for knowing how she is eating. But overall i think she looks great