Deficiency or mold?

I am finding a few spots like this on new growth. They have come and gone to a lesser extent but this particular spot is bad. It doesn’t brush off and appears to be pigmented. My gut says phosphorus deficiency as there are reddish purple petioles as well. But I’m sure someone else has a better idea.


I am also having this to some of my girls

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I’m not sure let me tag a few growers @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Oldguy @MrPeat does this look like mold?


That looks like Bud Rot. :pensive:


That’s not what I wanted to hear. I did amputate that bit just in case.
Any remedies?

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I have never dealt with this. I will also tag a Pro… @Myfriendis410

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I would say pretty good guesses.

I see webs maybe mites? I zoomed in and see alot check it out looks like they getting sucked

I am next to thistle that has blown. Nice catch.


Another lesser-known nutrient, molybdenum helps to form two essential enzymes that convert nitrate into nitrite and then into ammonia. Plants use the latter to make amino acids, which eventually become proteins. If your plants become deficient in molybdenum, they’ll start to display red and pink discolouration at the edges of new growth. Leaves will also start to become yellow and spotted. Thankfully, molybdenum deficiency is quite rare.

Seen some pics that looks purple as well not sure

What kind of food are you feeding do they got calcium ?

Definitely phosphorus guys my bad early stage

Seem to think that also. Have seen lots of thoughts on it and I’m going to bump up my feeding a little to see it that helps. Thanks brother.

Yeah I calmag regularly but I haven’t bumped up phosphorus yet. Is it too early to cut nitrogen or not?

I’m ran out of Big grow and have went to Tiger Bloom about 2 weeks ago.

Using big bloom, just started tiger bloom and have cut back grow big to just about nothing.

Plant still needs a little nitrogen is there any in ur bloom stuff? Looks like 1 or 2 week flower?

Remember when plants are beginning to flower they will be sensitive and show u what’s going on. Liebigs law of the minimum states yourplant can only grow as strong as your weakest link and law of maximum look into it. Helped me a lot understanding defs. Also some times on low sulfur product purple petiole can occur too along with brittle leaf stems ,u Epsom salt can be used for this.

Make sure your fert has the 17 elements cannabis needs to thrive. I use dynagrow bloom atm with mendocino honey molasses as flusher buds starting tostink nice. Micro and macro nutes*