Deficiency or heat stress or both?

I’ve learned more on this grown than all of my others. Waiting for trichomes to go amber and this one is 32 days past the expected maturity. With this I’ve learned why my last several plants had such loose buds - I pulled the plants at the very first sign of amber but it wasn’t really ready. Huge for me to absorb this. So now… 13 full weeks into budding on a cherry pie, in soil, in doors (hot, hot shed) Ph has been 6.5 to 7. I cannot identify what’s going on with these leaves. Thanks for your thoughts and tips! Appreciate this group very much!!

That would appear (to me) to be a lockout of nutrients….have you flushed at all? Also are you checking your trichomes? Very possible your plant is just telling you she’s done but that’s a nutrient deficiency not heat related…notice your leaves curling down? If it were heat AND the nutes they would most likely curl upward while showing the same signs through the leaves(through the roots)

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Yes it’s been flushed. Mostly it’s just been clear water as the plant was doing very well with the soil alone. I did start to show nitrogen deficiency and it cleared up quickly with some fox farms as top soil and some fox farm liquid fertilizer…. Maybe 4 watering with that. So flushing shouldn’t have been needed, I thought. I am checking the trichomes- the top bud is starting to show amber but none of the lower buds are showing any.

Thank you for taking time to try to help!

Others with more knowledge will be along no worries

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