Deficiency or genetics 🧬 newbie

Second grow in soil w dry amendments on 60/40 of Dr.Earths all purpose fertilizer 4-4-4 and vegetable and tomato 4-6-3, I have three girls but two have some signs of deficiency one is a lot more noticeable which makes me think it’s genetics but the other looks like traditional deficiency. The girls are 19 days old and just transplanted into 5gal fabric pots yesterday. Girl Scout cookies extreme has the light green stripe, wedding cake also has some Variation but much less noticeable and third you’ll see if gold leaf which is looking good so far. They are watered using water phd at 6.5, and are in a 5x5, w led lights, have fans and intake circulating air both temp and humidity are controlled with nl ranges also not enough run down for ppm. ( think I could prob water a bit more now too) Looking at it seems more like deficiency then genetics showing off, so any feedback would be much appreciated :blush: happy growing!


Plants are fine. What you see is a variegated leaf and is genetic.


@Myfriendis410 Awesome!! Excited Bc this means I’m learning and getting it :upside_down_face:but the learning never ends so always happy for feedback thanks!!!


Yup I agree… they look fine. The variegation is actually really cool.


Update day 37: just in case anyone else ever has the same thing happens it actually looks really really cool. The genetics are really showing out on all three (if anyone’s here for the help and contemplating buying seeds from Robert/ Ilgm let me tell you just do it the germination guarantee alone make it worth it)