DEFICIENCY of some sort....ADVICE?


@Fever no dice m8. I’m always careful to slow pour and dilute as I feed. No foliage feeding. It’s funny u mention that. On a previous post when they were growing…it looked like one had been sprayed with something like a pesticide or chemical to the point i asked the neighbour 3 over and 1 across about when he fumigated his backyard. I think that may just be the first sign of rootbind. And yes sir they drink like champs when it doesn’t rain for a few days. There are LOADS of holes. I’ve always found the more the better. I usually add (on a square) 2 -1/2 inch on every side. Then 4 on the bottom. Then another 4- 1/8 inch on every side. @Hogmaster @Jmesser80 and again…Thank you gentlemen. Sour D is now in a nice large home where 3 of her relatives have had good success. Back to the spring idea… I went out and they had a bunch of signs up… I took photos to see what the majority think. I did bring home about 8-10g so no biggy if I have to dump. Here’s the signs.

The other few were for a round table type thing. I guess they are trying to shut it down due to the levels. I havent read the signs in detail yet as I had a puppy and a 7 year old near a river and 2 taps…lol. I’ll get to that after I feed the pair. Haha.


You might want to google the name of the well and read about the higher levels of arsenic in the water that will soon not meet the standards for drinking water.

If I won’t drink it, I won’t smoke it.

Best Wishes! @Mischief :grinning::v::+1::palm_tree:


ALRIGHT…SO… It was a double case… after 5 days of tlc…after transplanting her she showed no signs of improvment…so I took her out again…after a roundtable with a few local growers…and some serious investigating…CLAY seems to be the culprit. When i TRANSPLANTED her, I guess I threw a couple random pots of soil into the big pot to top it off. I guess in being in such a rush (because I didn’t listen to my instincts. I had that bloody pot ready for transplant for 7 days) I guess I added a creation my 7 year old made. Clay balls mixed with soil…lol. And after mixing it in…i sealed my own fate.

So now I pulled her again…stripped the roots back. Cleaned and cut the roots back. Got BRAND NEW BAG of soil for her…and loaded her in. It’s now day 3 and she is showing signs of improvemt…FINALLY!! I think best to keep her on 6 4 PH and no nutes for a few more days. I’ll post a pic of what’s left on my twig and giggle berry bush…hahaahhah.
The others are doing top notch. The mother ship is looking like she might be LB’er in the end. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


@Mischief improvements are what we like to hear! That’s awesome news, and it took some investigation. Kids are fun, and sometimes not so fun, I know I have a few. Sometimes the “adventures” of being distracted at the most inconvenient time isn’t rewarding. Really glad you got it figured out though. My most productive times with the girls are after the “distractions” go to bed. :wink:


Hahahah @Covertgrower amen to that brother!
Funny that you say that…it was the day the wife took the kids swimming when u was able to pit some serious focus and problem solving skills to work.

So she is now Well on the road to recovery. I think and hope (and if the signs are telling the truth) that she will make ALMOST a full recovery!!! SHE is like a new lady this week. She still looks a little like a leopard with leprosy…hahah. I’m happy to say that the leaves are Sticking like crazy glue…even the half dead ones. (They were dropping like flies previously). Got new flowers starting at the lower nodes where they were lost. Here’s a few new pics.


Wow…cant believe the time. Been so busy with a few things I havent even had time to show the garden. Here are some pics I grabbed over the past however long.
The ladies are doing awesome. We have a nice conversion happening to the leaves on the one that was sick.
The big girl is having a different response…her pistels and structure are purple and the leaves green giving it a blue hue. Smell is OUTSTANDING. Combination of berry and fruit and bubble gum and uuugghhhhhhh…mmmmmmmm doughnut!!! With heavy lemon sent crossed with passion fruit and Swedish berries…man do the bees and humming birds love it. The sour D sure is taking her sweet time to push out her treats, but she’s on her way.



Only one picture was uploaded… Try again please because the first one is fantastically!
PS What is the tiny brown spots / thing’s on your buds? @Mischief


@M4ur not sure. There is brown spots where the damage took place…maybe when I crumpled the dry leaves b4 they ended up getting some moisture back. let me try an upload a bunch and see if u can still see it…Im having an issue with uploading pics… it hits 86% or 100% and stalls out…any mods have any idea what’s up? I’d love to show off the garden…they are blue and purple genetics at stake here…haha


Do you want to make sure that it doesn’t start getting soft hopefully it’s just a color change but sometimes that means bud rot


Man…i can’t get a bloody pic to upload. Now it’s making it to 100% then blamo. Right back to square 1 blank page no image.


I think the uploading issue is fixed… @Hogmaster @arcticGrow @M4ur @Jmesser80 @Majiktoker @BIGE Can any of you guys tell me what this might be?? I’ve gone over the whole garden and only found this 1 cluster. I also noticed an increase of these weird brown Ants. I spent the eve chopping them in half…haha. but I took a pic b4. I wonder if it could be ant babys.

Here is the ants…



Durban Poison

AND NOW LASTLY… MOTHERSHIP. I have her located at an incognito yard…that is locked 98% of the time …so was only able to get a few shots. The stalk is about 4" in circumference at the base. I’ll post more pics of her when I have a chance to do some 1 on 1 time. Until then… I present… THE MOTHERSHIP

I heart the feedback so please…positive or negative… hit me with the horn Tony! (Let me clear my throat) lol.

AND if any of you veterans can lmk your take on the cluster or larva or whatever…id appreciate it much. I will be picking them off and merking them asap. But if like to know what I’m dealing with.
Cheers and enjoy the pics.
Safe growing!


@Mischief They seem to be the shape of an ant larvae but the color is a little dark but I think that’s what it may be besides that little issue I would just keep watching it Because you’re getting close to harvest it looks like but everything is absolutely beautiful my friend on some of them they also have spots that I’m not sure if that’s a color change or the beginning of bud rot 4th picture up you just want to watch that and make sure it does not start getting soft and mushy will mold up in a hurry


@Hogmaster thanks for the reply. I can’t really see anything resembling rot… they smell amazing and I think I don’t know what to look for or I’m just a blazing moron… i hope its the first…but u said 4th up…meaning the full top picture? I could post a few more closer if u could point it out to me I’d be grateful good sir. I make it a point to be up in their business daily and havent found anything out of the ordinary (except the larva which are now splarva {SPLATTERED X LARVA} HAHA)
Thanks loads m8!



@Mischief The top of this one is what I was referring to I would keep an eye out on it hopefully it’s just a change of color but it looks like signs of bud rot


@Hogmaster I see what your pointing out. It’s the picture being decieving. It’s a deep purple that doesn’t seem to be transferring into the leaves like in the PURPLE FREEZE. I’ll see if I can upload a pic with flash or night shot. I could also be being Noob of the year and totally missing what your trying to save my ass with…hahha.


LMK if you still see the rot. If so I’ll investigate full force! Thanks @Hogmaster !!!


@Mischief in that pic @Hogmaster is referring to I thought the same thing. What I look for is dying sugar leafs. If there are random sugar leafs that are completely dead give them a tug if they pull right out you may have bud rot. I’ve found it starts at the stem and works out.


Amazing collection of plants @Mischief !! Beautiful!

I really like your selection of strains and guess you’ll be having a great time the next months.


@Hogmaster thank you sir. With your keen eye and warning, I happened to notice a small brownish spot on one of my tops. About 3" down from top. I went right back to what you said…and dug right in. I CAN SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT…i now know what Bud rot looks and feels like. So again…thank u sir. With your advice I’ve been keeping a keen eye and thank goodness. I have a strong suspicion that the issue arose from these amazing 30° days and the 12° night’s. I’m sure it doesn’t help with the density of these beautys.

@arcticGrow thanks m8! I am a sativa buff and if I have a choice (which I do) I’ll go for something rare and diffrent.

Here’s a few pics of progress. I was able to cross a few plants also. Now I have some texada x purple freezee and mothership x texada and Durban Poision x texada and lastly sour diesel x texada. (That last one I’m really excited about. Imagine texada colour profile with the resin of the sour d…woo hoo!!)



Some beautiful girls my friend looks great :sunglasses: