DEFICIENCY of some sort....ADVICE?


Lime work to lower ph same type you’d use for your lawn @Mischief but it’s easy to add to much

I would use ph down added to my water I find it just easier to control that way in pots
In a pinch you could use ph down that made for fish tanks


Ty sir. Can I get the PH down at any pet/garden store? Do u have a suggested brand?


Any grow shop should have it. Not sure about the box stores. I use General hydroponics brand and seems to work good. Just be sure you don’t get
The kind for adjusting the ph level in pools


I use ph down/up from a pet store, that is for fish tank but it’s for my plant to :+1:


I also use bonicare brand
If going to pet store just get what recommended fir fish tanks
I would try to find something for plants tho first


Hi…don’t mean to butt in but those noduals look just like the ones on my roots…but my plants were in way worse shape. I started giving them hydraguard and they are actually getting better


I did have some sulphur tablets a while back…maybe they are still good.
Thinking along those lines…I actually have a natural spring about 10
min from home…maybe it would benefit from it. They call it sulphur
springs. Water smells like heavy sulpher when it comes out, but after 12h
or so bottled in the fridge it looses any smell or taste or any weird side
effects. Any advice on natural springs as a feeder source?.


I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t use the spring water. I would still check the PH level of it and maybe check the TDS of it as well just to see where it’s at.
But yeah I would think that would be fine and would probably be a lot better than the tap water I am using👍
And now that you mention it we have a spring a few miles from my house and I should actualy fill up some jugs and use that instead. Thanks for the idea @Mischief :blush::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


@Jmesser80 Np m8. I’m glad I could make a suggestion rather then just require the assistance.

So she’s now TRANSPLANTED into a huge new home…and starting lastnight I began watering her and only her with the jug we have in the fridge. It’s not a britta it’s some kind of water filtration system that removes fluoride,chlorine, metals and anything forign. I believe it might ozonate the water as well. My wife says it makes the water alkaline. So this would be exactly what she needs according to everyone’s opinion. I just can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. She is looking worse today then 2days ago…:cry: @michelkirwin can you please tell me more about what u did and what it does to the ladies?
Here she is today…



Those damaged leafs won’t turn green again or look any better. When you have an issue like that you will want to monitor the new growth to see if it is persistent. If the new growth looks good then you most likely have the problem under control.
Keep in mind also when you transplant it takes a few days for the plants to recover from the transplant so growth will slow for a few days after transplanting.


@Jmesser80 thanks loads m8. She started clawing 2day…but it was very windy. So I’m hoping that’s all it is. I think I’m so worried because the colour is traveling to all the old growth. The new growth looks amazing…UNTIL it gets about 2" then mild yellowing on the higher leaves. The base leaves look decent still. This is the tops…

AND here are the base branches…at least no clawing.

So I went and felt the leaves just to see what the brown was…and they are BONE DRY. LIKE CRISPY dry. They crumble under my fingers. But at the stem they still have mild green…how can single leaves dry up sooo quickly. Starts as a brown spot then turns the whole top half dry. I’ve cut 2 for example…

I’m just going to give it that britta type water for the next week then maybe try the sulpher spring and see what happens then.


How big were the pots you transplanted from?


They were aprox 3g. I’ll attach a pic. The sour D is still in said pot and
seems fine. … except is taking a little longer/slower to get into flower


I’m wondering if that plant became root bound due to the small pot? A root bond plant will show signs like that I believe. If that is the case transplanting into the bigger container should help but it might take a bit for it to come back into it. Just a thought.


@Mischief I’m with @Jmesser80 I believe you are root bound I would go up to a minimum 5 gallon if not bigger and I would also use a smart pot you can get them really cheap and they help the plant not become root bound if you transplant into a different pot they will take off


@Hogmaster @Jmesser80 I think u gentlemen hit it right on the head. I was about to say again… “but my sour d is doing great” …Until… I found this this morning…and these are the same start SIGNS I got on the other one…except I waited a week b4 transplanting. If root bound…is it ok to trim the ends of the roots or should I just wait and let them heal by themselves???


Luckily I’ve never experienced root bound plants so I’ve not had to research it much so I’m not sure the proper action to take. @Hogmaster might be able to help give you some guidance on that.


Still…THANKS tons for all the insight. At least now I know for future. I thought the planters were a bit small…but figured the plants wouldn’t OVERGROW their home…guess I was wrong…lol. I hope @Hogmaster is round…i want to get the diesel out ASAP.


@Mischief I would just get it transplanted less stress the better she will pull through


Ok did you spill nutes on the leaves? Looks like it.

Need better drainage if possible. in that heat they should be drinking a lot