Deficiency? Need some expertise

Im a beginner grower and dont know what is plaguing my baby, she was doing perfectly fine for the first month and then it started to get hot above 90 degrees for like a week and also around this time i noticed she was outgrowing the 5 gallon pot i had her in, so i transplanted into a bigger pot then watered her and let her adjust to her new environment, and when she adjusted hit her with a dose of fox farm nutrients (also that is the soil i have her in too) as she is in the vegative stage but after a bit she didnt look like she was doing well in the sun and then i noticed the yellowing and that concerned me and did research but couldnt find a definite answer so i waited and then the yellowing worsened and then today i notice brown rust looking spots along the veins of multiple leaves and it looks like it progressed just overnight, also i noticed it started kinda at the bottom and progressed uptop, please refer to these pictures and help if you can, thank you

These are from yesterday with the symptoms that have been shown for a week

And these are from today with the new symptoms that have seemed to appear overnight

Looks like deficiency. Calcium or magnesium maybe.

To me it looks like it might be bugs eating.
Check the bottom of the leaves with a magnifying device to see if any are there or there is poop from them.
Could also be fungus? Looks like black spots to me…

And you could have something going on with a nutrient issue as well.

Just my thoughts

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Thank you that’s what I thought just wasn’t too sure i think I’m going to be adding dolomite lime to the soil and maybe extra calcium supplement to the water when I feed her. if you know anything else I could do thatd be appreciated

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I don’t know why but In person they are a lot more brown than in picture where they appear black but I’ve been using a homemade bug repellent and usually a couple will get through and eat but what is strange is I haven’t notice really any since shes gotten sick and I’ve stopped using the homemade stuff since then too since I thought that might have been what the problem is

Cal mag or Epsom Salts watered in should help with a magnesium deficiency which is what it looks like. Be careful of foliar watering/feeding in sunlight as it can burn the leaves (lensing effect).