Deficiency in flowering

I have some yellow spots on my flowering plants im about 2 weeks into flower. I’ve been feeding it molasses, fish fertilizer and seeweed extract with a 6.58 ph. I just got some cal-mag and am gonna start adding that, silica and bio thrifty bloom along with what I’ve already been using. I’m also getting brown pellets on the leaves their not bugs idk what they are it in the last pick.

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Those little black specs are excrement from worms/caterpillars. It’s that time of the year. Check your buds daily for them - they are tough to see!. Once they get into the bud, that bud will most likely be toast. I check at night with a black light flashlight. Also use Monterey BT.


Also, check the stems for signs of holes. If you see one, there could be one inside. I believe that can also cause yellow and dying leaves.