Deficiency at vegetative state

I checked the PH level, and the PH level is 6.5 and the LED light is 1ft away from the plant. Strain is Indica.

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Deficiencies are usually caused by too much soil compaction, lack of holes aka aeration around container, overwatering as a result of too frequently aka not letting soil dry or soil dries slow for the reasons above or lack of ventilation. Deficiencies can also be caused by wind blowing downward on your plants causing too much transpiration. Excess nutes is when your soil has the fertilizer pebbles too close to a small plant. If you want to be safe, follow the steps above and use root farm medium with only good tap water low in sodium or other crap like chlorine. Spring water works great in the veg with only rootfarm. Very hard to burn in the veg state this way, unless your water is too high in nutes. In veg, your plant doesn’t need much of anything and should not be given much. I’ve had amazing results with only rock wool and spring water in the veg stage. Later in the veg, near flowering, I’d start adding the “let’s grow” feed. Always make sure you remove large debris from soil especially from the top layer. If you follow this tip your roots will be healthier

Ph is not a big deal as deal as most make it out to be though it is best to start with a relatively neutral ph. I use specific spring water in the first 2 waterings since it usually is neutral. To be honest, 99 percent of my waterings was and is with tap water with a ph of 9! I have no plant issues at any stage even with this ph level. Not all strains may react the same but every one I’ve tried which was many, the only problems was soil compaction or nutrient burns. Nutrient burns can be as short lived as a day or permanent damage.

I think may have over watered it with nutrients. Im just trying to figure out what nutrient deficiency is it. I am using Fox Farm soil with fertilizer.

To solve this, should I flush the plant with regular water since the soil has nutrients in it until it gets bigger, or should i continue using my nutrient solution but less nutrients?

My watering nutrient schedule for 1 US Gallon during vegetative state:
Floramicro 2.5 ML
FloraGrow 2.5 ML
Flora Bloom 1ML
Calmag 2 ML

Calmag? You mean calcium? I’d drop the calcium if that’s what it is. Calcium is the wrong ingredient for that veg stage. It looks like it would be possible to do a transplant and it may be that your roots have not fully developed everywhere but if you are careful you can tip the plant upside down when removing from the pot and if I were you I’d put in another medium asap and stop feeding it anything but water with a medium like root farm. If it is already growing unwell, please dont decide to train it.

I mean, until it has been doing well for a while. I can see you have a container around what looks like a canvas material container. I use elevated small recycle bin containers, big half inch drill holes everywhere, and always allow a bit of run off. If it happens you are inexperienced and the runoff is 1 liter or more, it’s not a big deal, but the less runoff the better. No runoff is bad because it means the water in your soil is not fully circulating and may even have pooling areas rotting roots. When growing with soil you always want to try to mimic a hydro grow in the sense of water circulation and aeration. This is why hydro growers run into less problems. But soil growers can do just as good results by mimicking hydrostatic super aeration. Watch your plants recover like a bean stock once you give it a new medium like rootfarm. Go with deeper containers rather than wider as weed roots prefer deep

Here is my container

So I’ve been reading the soil I’ve been using, and many growers have similar problems with nutrient burn with Foxfarm.

I had issues with ocean Forrest. I switched to happy frog my last grow. Didn’t have the issues as the ocean forest. But I also believe I gave nutes to early. Also fox farm recommends a flushing schedule to get rid of all the excess build up of salts.

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Looks like leaf variegation to me . Won’t hurt her just a genetic quirk

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