Deficiencies with pics, descriptions and remedies

Found these to be useful so I compiled the pics and descriptions and wanted to post as it may help y’all as well. I don’t know if the remedies are spot on but more experienced folks may chime in.

Hope it helps!!



Thanks @Jbum I’m bookmarking it


Great thread jbum


Thank you sir! I think the clones I was giving had each of these issues lol!


Well atleast you know what they are now and what to look for from now on . Thanks for the post , very informative!

Thanks for the post there’s so many to keep up with.

many thanks for the knowledge :smiley:

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A lot of the defiency descriptions and photos can also be caused by Fungus Gnats, just a thought look at this fungus gnat damage below!

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big bummer
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Are the Gnats noticeable or did you have to dig in the soil to find. Also what kind of soil?

Gnat Nix and the yellow sticky pads are great against Gnats along with letting your soil get fully dried out.


Just seen this, great reference thanks

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Sticky pads work well. I also used peroxide and water to kill larvae in soil.

I use canna terra pro medium, you can see the gnats flying around thats where the yellow sticky pads come in, they just help to show you that they are around and helps control them as they stick to the yellow cards.
Dont use H202 to much as it damages root structures and microbes
If you want to get rid of them before they alter your yeild or kill your plant you use Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, combined with yellow sticky boards. I have used every other method!!! this is the only one that totally gets rid of them and breaks the cycle. And is totally safe.

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