Defective Seedlngs

I germinated three Dutch Passion Outlaw Seeds. All three sprouted but two of them only have one sucker leaf. Never had that happen before in my limited growing experience (four successful crops). Should I keep em or would that be a total waste of time and I should just suck it up, accept my first failure and pull all three because I am out of good seeds and dont want to go four months to harvest one plant. Constructive input would be appreciated. Thanks!!

BTW – Nice seeds Dutch Passion. The only Outlaw is you for taking people’s money for mutants. Bada Boom! HaHa.

Won’t hurt to try, give them a few days and see if they will grow.

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@NAZOG123…they are already paid for and growing. suggest you let them go for two more weeks and see if they grow into a healthy plant.


Sounds Good. Then that is what I shall do.