Defeciency? Vets these girls need your wisdom

I need to know what you guys think I need to do?

Compare it to these examples and see if you think you can narrow it down.

Looks kinda like phosphorus, or maybe magnesium?

I’d wait until the experts check in. But that is a great resource to have handy.

Good Luck!!

Hi the spots and yellowing are telling me it is a magnesium defeciency add a 1/4 tsp of epsom salt per gallon of water.

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Looks like a few different things. So that points more to pH then anything…

What medium are you growing in?

What size pot?

How long have they been in the pots?

What are u supplementing?

And do you have runoff pH/ppm numbers?


Fill this out, it’ll help us help you.

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To me i looks like either a potassium or phosphorus or a magnesium deficiency u can give it some epsom salts in its next feeding to see if it is magnesium def or u can do a banana tea with epsom salts which will sort all three deficiencies out at once

Pot size two 5 gallon two 3 gallon
F.f. ocean forest earthworm casting vermiculite.
Roughly been in them 58 days.
1 has drainage problems a little. It has to let the notes such back up.
My p.h. roughly 6.2 - 6.3. Run off close. I haven’t checked p.p.m. in a while.
F.f. tiger bloom big bloom stopped grow big last nute feed.

Just wanna say man that’s :100: you all looking after the ladies for a rookie

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So the pne thats having drainage issues… is it one of the one’s showing issues?

Also around 6.2-6.3 is too vague. How are u testing runoff?

Id love to know what ur exact numbers are before giving advice. Hate to lean u one way or the other without solid ibfo


True im just checking it like a rookie with ph meter to the runover trays

How should I do it exact i water tomorrow

No not just the one with drainage issues its two of them 1 of the 5 gal. Bucket and 1 of the 3 gal grow bag

Are you feeding them yet? Because the fox farm is a hot soil without doing anything anyway!

Alrighty then! Lets get to it.

One dont full on stop grow big until week 7-9 of flower. Like ever. U need some nitrogen thru flower. Schedules are researched and posted for a reason. Try to stick to then at ur percentages. Say ur running the trio at 50%. Follow it until u see plants asking for otherwise.

Second flushes are there for a reason. Always. ALWAYS flush the trio on schedule.

Now how to proceed… next watering, id flush. With sledgehammer if possible, it not with 2-3x PROPERLY pH’d Water to the gallon size pot. 5 gall pot = 15-25 gallons of water through EACH POT. Then immediately refeed whatever FF recommenda for whatever week you are in. If u need a schedule google it. Super helpful.

If you have a decent pH meter (Apera 20 anyone?) and any ppm/tds/ec meter? Id check runoff. Not in runoff trays, that stacks old residue, let it trickle into another container and test it.

O.k. well they all been taking about .5 gallon water every four five days.
I got sledgehammer it says that for a sledgehammer flush double your water you usually give and no need to rinse out.
So do this with sledgehammer don’t rinse out then feed nutes about hr. Later to .5 recommended dose that’ll be 3 times the water.

Sumthin like that I hope.

Suggested p.p.m.'s?

They who? Around the forum?

Also I didnt get a bit of what the rest of ur message was saying.

This is an example of a feeding schedule. Id follow it around half strength all grow unless plants asked for something different.

You are at 58 days but around week 2ish of flower. So Id start there (at about 5-6)

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My bad not the best at text chatting by they I mean the plants…So I’m going to start half feed 2 times a week from week 6. I’ll get a p.p.m. read of my nutrient mix at 6.2 ph. Then run off read.
Sorry to be so confusing appreciate you man.

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I think he’s saying each plant is drinking about a half a gallon every…whatever…

The rest seems to be about using Sledgehammer, which he has correct. Although, honestly I’d run a full 2 gal through each then do a half feed the next day.

@nosaj at a half a gallon of water per plant are you getting good run off from the larger ones? Ideally you want a good amount of run off whether your feeding nutes or just doing a plain watering. Take your run off and put it on a houseplant or even your yard - don’t have to just flush down the drain. My plants love pot-water! LOL!
It seems excessive, but it serves to help keep things in check.

You can see the PPM line in the chart @PurpNGold74 posted - those are your suggested PPM numbers for each week. HOWEVER - if you mix according to their measurements you’ll be WAY above that! Best thing to do is hold the same ratios but mix half, or even quarter strength.

FF is one of the hardest nute regimes to master, IMHO. It’ll give you great results, right up until it locks your plants out and kills them. The flush schedule is VERY important using FF. They’ll fool you. The plants will look so good you convince yourself you don’t need to flush - you ABSOLUTELY DO need to.

That being said, FF turned my outside ladies into BEASTS at full strength. But outside you’ve got much more intense light - NO LED can come close. When HLG comes out with a light that warms a whole planet from 92 million miles away we’re all screwed. Every ounce of power on this planet will be needed to fire it up! LOL!
Plus natural rain seems to help keep down the toxic build up that can occur. Plus outside in giant pots I was dumping 4gal at a time through them every other day.

Good Luck!!