Deez plants to get you high

I don’t germinate in plastic…I fill a coffee mug with maybe a half inch of water and drop the seeds in and just sit it in a dark spot that I KNOW won’t get any light for at least 2 days….I also have seen a few comments suggesting that the water used (and every detail down to PH goes with this), temperature, and exposure to light ALL make a difference…and since we have to consider phenotypes with seeds :confused: it literally is crazy that they guarantee seeds….have to agree with deez about the instructions on Bergman’s site about germinating…there’s better ways to actually guarantee his guarantee but it’s not based on his instructions….kinda a contradiction but this is a way to learn I suppose…hopefully they can replace them beans @BIG_B

That’s what’s good about ILGM at least they’ll replace seeds/give You credit without too much hassle.

Nobody’s perfect but they’re the easiest seedbank I’ve dealt with. They make it easy it’s like the Amazon of seeds.

72 hrs in water is too long tho

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I’ve had only 2 seeds so far take actually 72 hours to get my preference of tail length…I agree it doesn’t take this long to actually germinate

At least another month on this bud damn it’s getting nice


Switched the BK from Beastie Bloomz to Cha Ching today.

The Strawberry Cough is hardcore preflowering, nodes are getting tight and it’s shooting out pistils left and right.


I got two cracked trunks. They are really producing some BUSH style girls. They are strong plants man. Wow.
Happy growin


@Deez you should rename yourself Jack dude cause that’s a Stalk buddy! :joy:

Lol they’re packing it on for sure.