Deez plants to get you high

@Deez some of my drying buds smell great some are bland. Is this normal? Should I worry? Will the buds that are bland ever start smelling good? Should I check for mold? I’m worried. Please give me some piece of mind.

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Your probably fine
Sometimes the smell goes away during drying but will come back in the cure

Also as long as ypu keep the temp around 70 or under and the Rh as close to 60 or 58 as you can mold shouldn’t be an issue also did your bud wash?
That helps stamp out any mold for the most part too

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The axe is coming… SourD getting chopped 2 nite!

I can’t believe she finished so fast compared to indoors. I even checked with a buddy of mine whose growing a clone of mine and he’s chopping too…


Ok I got tired, made some BK rosin, got really torqued and fell asleep. Chop eventually!


LOL…i was up til 3:30am finishing 2020taxes (2019 fiasco of rejected for wrong PIN, then a HUGE “charlie foxtrot” of correspondence since…) by the deadline today. They STILL don’t show having “accepted” my 2019…the ONLY thing they rejected it for was the PIN. SOMEHOW though, i crunched and got it done, submitted it, and got an email within 10min saying they’d ACCEPTED it…LOL… go to crash (FINALLY) and i don’t know if there was a mouse in here or WHAT it was but REPEATEDLY the dogs go charging off the bed barking…sooooo, i’m up. Rest is for sissies, lol (i’ll probably crash like Grandpa at 8 tonight, talking all this smack, hahaha)

Man this is why I’m so lucky that my wife is an accountant. We had a bunch of bullshit with our taxes last year as well and she had to wade through hell and high water with the IRS to get it sorted out. All I know is I took one look at the mess she was dealing with and knew that there wasn’t a chance I could ever handle something like that.

A few years ago we had a different kind of running afoul with the IRS Were they just out of the blue sent me a letter that said I owed them $10,000 in back taxes which is totally insane. She knew exactly what to do and had it taken care of in no time and showed those leeches what was what. I know that if I was the one dealing with it I’d be working off a payment plan right now :grimacing:

Well I chopped the sour diesel last night. Fridays are always a little more difficult because everyone stays up late because they don’t have school in the morning so I had to wait till like 930 or 10 to get started without having kids all up in my piece while I’m trying to trim.

Regardless of anything that I’ve said previously in this thread about growing sour diesel outdoors in my environment I am immensely happy with this harvest.
Having grown this twice in a row leading up to this summer – once from seed, and then subsequently from clone of that, and then this summers from a clone of that clone… I figured I knew what I was in for as far as flowering time. I said more than once I was more than likely hosed and had even laid in a 7ft tall greenhouse tent to help her through til mid-November.

I was wrong. The forces of mother nature and the oncoming fall weather must have triggered this girl to hurry up and finish faster than her previous replicants because here we are barely 9 weeks into flowering and she’s legit done. It’s a good thing I chopped it yesterday too, it’s going to be a rainy wet weekend and as it is I was dealing with a bit of rot and would’ve been pretty sad if it had gone much further past where it was last night.

Thankfully the strawberry cough has been hanging in the fridge for nearly 10 days now and was ready for paper bags and I could mak room on the strings for the incoming flowers.

I’ll give props again to these Teflon coated “HappyHydro” scissors from the worlds largest online marketplace®. I went through at least a pound and a half of buds and didn’t clean the scissors once. Not a bit sticky or anything, they just fly right through.

In keeping with the theme for this summer I took nothing but the largest and best tops of colas which probably amounts to half a pound once it dries and then the other 2/3 or so of it is getting fresh frozen to be hashed next weekend. It’s going to be a hash shakedown party next weekend

This is one of those weekends I could’ve never imagined 10 years ago before kids. Up at 6:30 in the morning to get the wife and oldest two off to a track and field event and a soccer game and then throwing together eggs and toast for the younger two before I’ve got to get them shaped up and shipped out for their soccer games at 10. Still here I sit on my porch having a toke and shitposting on ILGM :rofl: I gotta get some of this Sour D from last harvest in my system along with some coffee before I deal with soccer parents at 10. Hockey parents were cooler. That’s not til this afternoon at 1 tho…. :roll_eyes: