Deez plants to get you high

Haha sweet !! 4 or 5 plant grows will be like a walk in the park to you …

you and I will be in trim jail well into Thanksgiving :smiley: i have a lot i will have to take on too :wink:

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Yes and no. Ima only keep some flower 2 cure the rest ima bubble hash it. I want to press kief lol… also by pressing it allows me not 2 worry about having some where 2 cure it all. I don’t think I have the space 2 cure everything at once


Wow @Deez my strawberry cough doesn’t look anything like yours brother. Mines struggling to bulk up But it’s also because she got pollinated so she’s focusing energy on making seeds and not bulking up her buds like she should be. Oh well though it’ll be a different story when I bring them all inside for the winter time and won’t have any pollinating going on. Your gold leaf looks amazing bro! Happy growing everyone!

Oh we’re all gonna be on lockdown for most of the fall at this rate and I don’t mean due to COVID!!

I just compost tea’d my girls. Strawberry cough is making moves and is done stacking flowers - it’s about a week into trich production and is looking pretty. About ready for those flowers to start swelling in another week or so. I’ve found bud rot already though and have been watching closely. We need some warmer weather if this is gonna finish easily.

The Gold Leaf looks amazing. Its fattening up. Will it be done before October? Who knows but it’s gonna be nice. No question.


your yard looks as “fun” to mow as mine up here on the hillside :smiley:

Ok see those two plants… my neighbor had aerial photos taken when they listed their house for sale last week. This is visible in the corner :rofl:

Yeah my yard is a real pain to mow. I’ve never checked it with a transit or an altimeter or anything but it’s got to be like 25 feet between the back part in the lowest point and like another 10 feet from the backyard up to the front yard. The back hill is hellish and can really only be safely done with a walk behind mower. I’d love to get a ride on of some kind but I don’t think there’s anything that can deal with either going straight up that hill Without slipping or going across it without tipping over.

I did just get one of those Makita battery operated string trimmer’s this summer and I got to say it’s totally awesome. Planning on picking up the matching leaf blower probably this weekend

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ALL my daily tools in my trade are Makita and i was looking at the string trimmer and chainsaw (well they have MANY , but 2 in particular i liked) options. Will be a WHILE before they make anything (affordable) battery powered to deal with my acreage but as many i.c. engines as i can eliminate from dealing with petroleums is a win to me. Will always have my gas chainsaws as “backup” and for realistic jobs you WOULDN’T expect a battery powered one to be doing :wink:

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@Deez Oh man you made me piss my pants…Me & my family always got a kick out of his "SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT! mand that face he makes…Great series Great Actors!! Thanks !!

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That’s actually good to hear, I am just a computer guy but I need to carry tools for wiring and doing other AV related stuff like mounting TVs and I use a Makita drill and a couple other of their tools. I look at myself as the total yokel who happens to own power tools. It’s Interesting me to hear from a professional that those tools pass muster.

For the size of my yard I can string trim it with the battery powered Makita and still have half of charge left. The kit that I purchased also came with four batteries and a double charger and the string trimmer only takes two batteries. If I run the batteries out the spares that will be completely charged Will be ready to go. The leaf blower takes the same battery packs so I can actually just buy the tool by itself and the leaf blower with no battery packs it’s only like 100 bucks. It’s the battery packs in the charger that costs

@AL_GREEN Yeah the wire really is one of those great TV shows that people will be talking about for a long time. I heard the guy that played Omar just died this past week.

@Deez do you ph your water when using fox farms trio? I recently started beastie bloomz and noticed it drops water to about 5.3 which seems pretty low. Added a little baking soda to bring it back up to around 6.8. I will say that the trio seems to be working. Probably a little more than 2 weeks into flower and they’re developing nicely. No smell at all though, except a slight aroma of unwashed gym socks :face_vomiting:


@Deez Yes unfortunately…R.I.P. Michael Kenneth Williams… a.k.a. Omar Devon Little his Character in The Wire…He was brilliant actor who played roles all over the place…The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire etc. I used to watch that “Baked” lol… Too bad What a waste…but people have their demons I guess…If only he stuck to weed? RIP MKW…Omar…


I am a setter of bad examples when it comes to pH. I don’t actually recommend anybody does what I do because I know I play fast and loose with it and sufficient to say I’d feel pretty bad if someone else followed my lead in that respect and got totally screwed up.

Disclaimer out of the way, I don’t pH after I add Beastie or open Sesame or cha ching or pretty much anything for that matter. All the old heads that taught me how always said organic soil ph’s itself. I’ve never questioned it too much but I also don’t own a ph meter so it’s not like I can check if I wanted to!