Deez plants to get you high

Looks wonderful


I’ve seen people wrap the plant with trellis netting to help hold everything up.


Girls are looking great! The MK looks like it’s going to produce some nice dense buds. Still looking forward to seeing the Tropicana flower, even if it is a little behind. Love the citrusy strains :drooling_face:


Looking lovely Pharmer @Deez :evergreen_tree::disguised_face::star_struck::wink::four_leaf_clover::peace_symbol:

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Looking good sir


Upgraded my press
To 6 ton baby


Nice brother looking good


awesome, that burger stickie is so cool on the jack


Thanks! I was surprisingly successful at moving it from the old jack to the new. Funny thing is it’s just a cheeseburger sticker from a bookstore here in town. It has absolutely nothing to do with squishing Rozen but the way the cheese is dripping and melting really makes it look like it.

The new press worked great. Much easier than the old 4 ton and I felt like it was just easier to control as weird as it sounds. I pressed it three different runs through 25 µm bags and never once felt like I was gonna pop it in. That’s always been my biggest challenge, I always feel like I am right on the edge of bursting the bag and I have plenty of times. this just feels smoother.


Thats always great man now. U gonna be pressing non stop lol


Ok I got mold already. I didn’t follow the path - didn’t buy Agrowlyte like you guys said. It’s not mold mold tho - it’s caterpillars.

I’m gonna douse everyone in Bt today but wondering if I should also go for an application of Agrowlyte even though I’d have to order a bottle on the webs.

Would agrowlyte have prevented this? I don’t think so, right? It’s not a pesticide it’s a fungicide, ya?


I spray BT for caterpillars/worms, PureCrop1 is great to use with it.


Safe to use pure crop during flower? I’m around 3weeks


Really interesting product and well rated. If you are down with this stuff they’ll get my $35 tonight. I’m still battling spider mites indoors and thinking this pure crop might be a good try for them too. Gotta keep switching it up.

What’s the long term pest management thing - is that what they call IPM?

I never had to deal with any of this til I brought some plants indoors last fall. I should have known better. Been dealing with it since. I don’t know what to do long term - I feel like I’m just chasing bugs from one plant to another.

Maybe I just need to clone all my mothers, wash the ever loving crap out of the cuttings and then hit them with insecticidal soap and clone them in another room then clean the hell out of the veg room (Again) and send all the mothers outside to flower … gah I know… crazy talk.


Yes, I bought the 16 oz. PureCrop1 bottle. I try not to spray too much during flower, yes, BT and PureCrop1 safe during flowering.


I doubt something like agrowlyte would prevent the rot from caterpillars, but I’d still use it to prevent further spreading of mold after treating with bt. I’ve only used one application of agrowlyte as a preventative prior to several days of rain. So far no rot, but I’m only 3-4 weeks into flower. Also thinking it may have discolored the leaves a little. You can see some white dots in this photo.


That’s a green light on the PureCrop1. One of the best products I have found over the past few years. It’s 100% safe to use during flower. Although I would try not to spray ‘anything’ during weeks 2-5. This is a very touchy time for the flowers. The white pistols are very sensitive and will virtually stop growing at times if sprayed.
During flower try to spray more from the bottom of the plant. Allowing the spray/mist to fall and lightly dust the upper side of the plant. You want about 80/20 bottom to top. About 80% of the spray to stay on the under side of the leaves and 20% to coat the top side of the plant.
The majority of the pests are hiding underneath and that is also where most of the leave dose it’s absorbing of foliage sprays.
1oz per gallon of water is great for a weekly treatment of the garden. Preventative pest measures and also increases photosynthesis rates of the plant.

The garden looks great buddy. Keep up the good work!

Happy farming…


It’s been a minute since I showed off the crew

cali Dream is 11 or 12 feet tall at this point. Week 4.

MK ultra is packing it on as well. Also week 4.

Tropicana cookies took a lot longer to start flowering then in the others and honestly it’s taking longer to start flowering than just about anything I’ve grown in a long time here she is nearing the end of week two

Since the BT application, the rot has nearly stopped. Gonna need to reapply BT. I’m sure after all the rain we’ve just had. Pure Crop Should be here either today or Monday.


Oh ya baby… looking real nice! Lol solid work my friend. You should get a nice harvest this year. That Tropicana Cookies if going to be some legit smoke.


Yeah, but only if I get any thing off of it! It was so slow to get started flowering. I’m just sort of crossing my fingers for a good weather through October. At this point that strain needed a solid nine weeks indoors and that’s putting me at early November, of course you know how it goes outdoors, sometimes a little cold weather can convince the plants to speed things along. Fingers crossed!

Between the MK and the Calley dream it’s gonna be a busy harvest. I’m already calling in reinforcements for mid October.